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I am considering to purchase a 90 mm lens. There is a major price difference between second hand Schneider 90mm Angulons and Super Ang.

Is it worth to buy the super ? Is the 90 mm f6.8 angulon a decent lens?

Thank you for your help, yours Laurent

-- Laurent Vuillard (, June 16, 1998



-- sheldon hambrick (, June 16, 1998.

Get the Super Angulon. The covering power of the 90 mm Angulon is very poor and leaves hardly room for movements. Even if you photograph only landscape, you may sometimes want vertical trees.

-- Lukas Werth (, June 16, 1998.

The Angulon has about 85 degress coverage, and the Super has about 100 degrees. 85 degrees will give you a bit of movement on 4x5, but not much. This is focused at infinity. Focused at some hyperfocal distance is usually how shots are taken, so the image circle gets larger. They are decent lenses.

-- Ron Shaw (, June 17, 1998.

I agree with the advice to get the super Angulon. I originally bought the Angulon, but was unhappy doing interiors. The movements are too limited. It's one of those cases where the difference in price is worth it.


-- Jim Norman (, June 20, 1998.

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