Opinions of the Horseman LE?

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Does anyone have any opinions about the Horseman LE? (Described at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/photo/large/horseman/le45.html) It seems to have unusually nice features for an "entry level" camera. For example, it has geared movements, fresnel lens, folds flat, etc. My "local" (120 miles away) camera store is selling them for $800. If people aren't familiar with the LE model specifically, what's the reputation of Horseman cameras in general?

-- Max Rahder (Rahder@itis.com), June 16, 1998


Hi Max,

I am answering your post to The Large Format Forum concerning the Horseman LE.

The Horseman LE is a superb camera, and an absolute steal at the price (esp. $800!!).

It has the best front to rear standard of any camera I have tested (using a Zig-Align), including a Sinar P.

It takes standard Sinar boards, bellows, and back accessories.

It is rugged, but light for what it is, with no superfluous features - in operation it's brillant.

It will focus 47 to 300 on flat boards and standard rail.

It has an international back for roll film holders, and the standard ground glass is marked for 6x7, 6x9, & 6x12.

In short, from the choices I am familiar with, it is by far the best value on the market today.


-- Dave King (kingphoto@mindspring.com), August 17, 1998.

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