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The agenda of the montly board meeting for June is as follows:

MONTHLY BUSINESS -Meeting Minute Approval -May Financial Review -Owner Delinquency Update

OLD BUSINESS -Financial Presentation Update (The Board has now met with two different financial planners in developing an investment strategy for the funds we have earmarked for road maintenance) -Entrance Structure Update (The entrance structure is nearing completion. The dirt work is underway, and landscaping will come next. Mention will be made of reports of a petition circulating to modify the structure) Comments? Fire Station Update (Construction on the fire station is reported to be impending. Questions of compliance with the covenents are being channeled through Huitt-Zollars. We are contemplating a 10K run as a benefit for the fire station. How about a big party when it opens?) -Road Maintenance Update There was a community clean-up scheduled at the beginning of June. We tackled the trash and tumbleweeds. There is a dumpster at the open lot on Canada Vista for the purpose of tumbleweed clean-up. We could save a lot of money if owners all contributed and cleaned the stretch of road and culverts in front of their property. There has been a contract signed with Sparling Construction to effect road repairs in Phase I and II. This contract is for the sum of 9611.88. I will update everyone on the schedule for this work.) -Trails and Nature Committe Update. ( One trail to the nature area has been constructed using volunteer labor. The next trail is scheduled to be improved this summer. Anyone with a shovel and a smile is welcome to participate) NEW BUSINESS

-10K Race -Newsletter Update and Articles Deadline -San Pedro Creek Estates Owners Directory

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding these subjects. Thanks

Mary Bernstein

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1998

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