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Just found this forum--very cool. As any of you who have read my postings at the Timebomb site know, we have been frustratedwith our familys' lack of response to y2k. We have a beautiful 40 acre ranch with solar and well. We are moving this August. It is frighteneing and rewarding at once. We are both nurses. We are interested in e discussions with like minded people who might like to prepare their fallback plans including our ranch. If you are interested please email. Basic qualities sought: willingness to put up minimum 2 yr. food supply good work ethic spiritual but not fundamental or zealous ability to make some financial contribution to extra infastructure that will be needed to help the place support more than just our family. skills that will be useful not squemish about defense issues.

Godspeed to all.


-- P. (, June 15, 1998


Also looking in Northern AZ

Would like to communicate with you, as we also are looking in N. AZ. At first we were looking around Springerville, but now we are looking at several properties around Snowflake. We are a married couple with 2 small children, and a mother-in-law. Perhaps we could locate near you folks.

-- Joseph Babinsky (, September 15, 1998.

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