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As a mom, my biggest worry about Y2K is of course, my kids. If they were still "under my wing" I'd be in control....but they are grown and unfortunately, don't believe my warnings about what we may be in store for. I have come up with a plan, and thought I would share it with anyone else who may be in this situation. I live in a rural area where water and safety will not be the same issues as in the cities where my children live. As part of my Y2K preparedness plan, I am inviting (and paying for the) my children and grandchildren to come and spend Christmas Holidays "99 with us heree. Their reservations for flights "home" will be AFTER Jan. 1,st so if I'm right, they will at least be safely here with me. Just thought I would share this with any of you who are also dealing with loved ones who won't listen..

-- Sheila Ross (, June 14, 1998


I have 2 daughters who don't live at home, but live in the city. I live in a rural area. I plan to have an overnight family New Year's Eve 1999 party for all of my children and their families. They will be asked to bring anything of value with them that they don't want to leave at home (they do think that Y2K may be a problem). I will feel so much better knowing that my family is all safe out in the country. Maybe they won't have to stay long, but better safe than sorry. I would also like it if my parents would come, but my dad says that "it won't be any big deal."


-- Mary (, June 15, 1998.

I had originally planned to do something like that, but think that the time frame could be a little late. If people start banks runs as early as Oct/99 which is a possiblity, then those who don't have any preparations may become panicked earlier and start beseiging the food stores, and when the media get hold of that news, it will escalate greatly...By Christmas, it may not be safe in some areas of the country just from the rumours of what can happen. The sheeple may not wake that early, but I can't count on it, and our family will make plans accordingly.

-- Laurane (, June 15, 1998.

Dear Sheila

I have been thinking along the same lines. I am a father of 5 and a pastor to more. I want to stay at my post in urban South Florida, but I am certainly going to be in Southern Illinois for Christmas 99. I am also considering going up for July1, 1999 as 40+ state governments roll over their fiscal years at that time. Just think of how many people are state government employees. My experience as a CPA also allows me to know that most cities have summer year ends. What if the garbage man doesn't get his paycheck?

-- Rev. Stephen L. Bening (, June 16, 1998.

It's earlier than 1 July 1999, On 1 April, 1999 the governments of Japan, Canada and the State of New York rollover to fiscal 2000. Can you imagine what the reaction in Japan will be if their goverment is crippled at that time, let alone our neighbors to the north? Have your seatbelt ready to be fastened at the end of March 1999 it's going to breathtaking as the rollercoaster goes over the top and gathers speed on the downside.

-- Douglas V. Dorsey (, June 19, 1998.

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