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I for one distrust the government. I also distrust private control of an industry so sensative to our well being as the power industry. Capitalisim is great for developement, but lousey for survival. How many of our young soldiers in WWII would have died so that we could sell sewing machines in China instead of the Japanese? How many young people did we risk in the Gulf War so that an illegal FAMILY in Saudi Arabia could continue to rule and sell us crude oil at a fair price? In case you didn't know, the Saud Family has as much right to call it "Saudi Arabia" As the Smith family has to call Chicago, "Smith Chicago" Our go9vernment happens to back the Saud family because they sell us oil cheaply. Ask any Gulf war vet. Kuwait offered to pay $30,000.00 to each soldier in the theatre for fighting for them. Our government very nobily refused such an offer in the name of all the boys and girls who are now suffering with "Gulf War Syndrome". It stinks boys and girls and always has. Now we can no longer blame, Japs, Krauts, Gooks, Slopes and zipper heads. Maybe we will blame the Techies and computer Geeks. Why not?

-- Bill Solorzano (, June 12, 1998


What was the question?

-- DeAlton Lewis (, June 13, 1998.

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