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Since the U.S. power-grid is under such risk of a black-out due to regional problems, is there any talk of de-coupling the utility companies prior to Y2K (at least a partial de-coupling)? It seems to me that if the biggest risk is municipal power-companies taking down large sections of the grid, decoupling could avoid this. Then, after Y2K sweeps over the country (3 hours, coast-to-coast), whatever is left could re-establish as much of the grid as possible.

-- Phil (, June 12, 1998


For anyone concerned about reliance on nuclear power plants, which might get shut down by the NRC for non Y2k compliance, there is a very interesting map of where nuclear power plants are located at


-- Dan Hunt (, June 12, 1998.

The NRC said and i am paraphrasing "Thow shall be complient or thow shall shut down!!!!" Tell me this is not a real problem... ron

-- ron (, June 15, 1998.

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