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As I was stumbling thru the channels this evening, I happened upon a movie called "The Attic" a 1988 retelling of the Anne Frank story.

It was chilling to realize that this exact scenario could be played out in a little more than a year. Are we in for an "occupation"? An occupation as horrifying as the nazi's in WW2, an occupation by our own government thru the hands of FEMA, under the guise of protecting us?

Is this really what the government has in mind for us, to protect and care for us? Is this why they're fortifying military bases, and building barbed wire enclosures? If the New World Order begins at y2k, are we to be made slave labor? Isn't that what the School to Work programs are REALLY about, dictating where people can work based on their intelligence, and the needs of society? Will the government offer rewards to those who turn in us "subversives"? Can we really escape the government, or are we kidding ourselves?

The government has satellite's which can take pictures as small as a car, and be able to read the license plate too. They have one other thing on their side, and that is time. Government resources are inexhaustible, while we attempt to save a years worth of food.

Are we kidding ourselves?

Is the government above killing us? Look at Ruby Ridge, and Waco.

To what end did they justify the means? Weavers wife and son killed, everyone in the Waco compound killed.

Koresh may have been a flake but is what they were doing any different from what some of us are doing? Preparing for the future.

Is the government intentionally stationing our decimated armed forces overseas, so they can use foreign UN troops as the goon squads to round us up?

The movie was very distressing.


-- Rod (, June 11, 1998


The best movie I have seen in a year is Bulworth, covers a politician who becomes honest. I have not seen titanic, godzilla -- only saw andromeda strain for the first time yesterday...

but Bulworth is a kicker


re NWO, I have no idea. I leaned toward the JBS earlier in this decade but berkeley has changed me. tape cassette says NWO is over once telco+power is over. i more agree with the assessment at but then read cory too. it could get weird out t here...


-- Ken (, June 12, 1998.

New World Order ? FEMA? Slave labor camps ? It seems that some people crave an enemy to fear and when communism fell they concocted the "New World Order". This is paranoid delusion, nothing more. This is not intended as a slam, but you are in need of psychiatric assistance.

-- bob miller (, June 12, 1998.


I think you're a little strong there. NWO was coined by Bush and others, not Ron. The implied message of Ron's is true: If the entire division of labor breaks down then this is TEOTWAWKI. If you believe this, then you must ask the next question: What next? Who is going to pick up the pieces? It would be the perfect excuse for at least two things: 1) Establishing a world-wide currency standard which could be cashless. 2) If hesteria prevails, a charasmatic leader to be the first "Worldwide President". God knows what else it could lead to.


-- Sam Loy (, June 12, 1998.


I don't know anything about you, such as your age, educational background, etc (other than that you can construct a well-formed sentence). However, I'm going to take your question at face value, assuming that you really are concerned about this possibility. I'm also going to assume that you have the capacity for direct observation and rational thought.

I'm not a Clinton supporter, but I do know a few things about Al Gore, and he would in no way permit an action such as you describe. I also know a bit about the US armed forces, and they would certainly not cooperate with any such occupation--most of the individual soldiers and officers are every bit as freedom-loving as you seem to be, and they have the means at hand to eradicate Washington DC if they felt it was morally imperative.

Finally, due to the nature of the American citizenry, nobody could successfully occupy the United States, or even make a serious attempt of it. We're too large, too scattered, too well armed, and most of all we're too rebellious in attitude and too brainwashed with "Rambo" and "Red Dawn" movies to put up with any such bullshit. The entire land army of China, were they to paratroop into major American cities tomorrow, couldn't hope to subdue our people. Looking at the much smaller and more poorly-equipped and trained UN forces, the scenario you describe simply isn't possible.

In conclusion, even if you sincerely believe in a movement towards a totalitarian "New World Order," it could not be enforced at the grass-roots level in our country. The Revolutionary War (and certainly civil rights and women's sufferage movements) weren't that long ago that we have forgotten how to fight for our freedom when threatened. You, and any other readers, can take that as a promise.

Mark Zieg

-- Mark Zieg (, June 12, 1998.

I guess I sounded a little too melodramatic in my post. I was expressing concern for those who will be forced to stay in the cities when y2k hits, and to attempt to raise some thought provoking questions, using parallels from the movie.

I do appreciate the responses, and getting various viewpoints will always expand one's knowledge.

I do believe though that many a quasi-Rambo will pack his family into the SRV, take off heading for the hills. With half ass skills and too little preperation, he'd probably put them at greater risk from his incompetance than if they had stayed where they were.


-- Rod (, June 12, 1998.

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