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I wonder how the SFBay Area will turn out. I mean, I love right on I880 between Oakland and SJ. Then again it's not LA or Chicago. The poor-people population here isn't big enough, though they will (as we all will be) still be hurt by y2k.

It would be a great relief in a way if my family would move to NM or perhaps the South...

-- Ken (, June 11, 1998


The Bay area will be just like any other area where masses of starving people will be. If your hungry you'll do anything for food, and you'll follow whoever gives it


-- Rod (, June 12, 1998.


I live in the foothills above Sacramento CA and I still worry. As far as I am concerned if the food supply is cut off and you have starving people it doesn't matter where you live people will try to take what you have. It's for this reason even though I am 60 miles from a major populated area I will still hide what I have worked so hard to get. It will only be a matter of time when the city will have no more food and the people start faning out in search of more. Cheryl

-- Cheryl Conney (, June 17, 1998.

if y2k is bad,the west coast will melt,too many peopletoo dependant on the division of labor.get out while you can

-- zoobie (, May 31, 1999.

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