I've heard about using vet meds?

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I seem to have read that one can use veterinary meds for humans I work in EMS and could conceivably be the "doctor" when things go bad. Is there any info on what meds to stock, and quantities to administer in given situations?


-- Rod (rod_harmon@usa.net), June 11, 1998


Paladin Press have a small book by Ragnar Benson on just that: using veterinary medicines to treat human ailmnts (when nothing else is available). Sorry, I don't have the details here at work.

-- David_Harvey@mercantilemutual.com.au (vk2dmh@rivernet.com.au), June 11, 1998.

May I suggest a natural approach. I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are pure and unadulterated !!! Anti- inflametory, anti- bacterial, anti- viral, etc. Please see my site http://www.organicessentialoils.com/members/clohmeyer No prescription needed for Gods Miracle Oils Phone 602-277-9720 God Bless Carol Lohmeyer

-- Carol Lohmeyer (pmsnot@doitnow.com), June 14, 1998.

Survivalist's Medicine Chest by Ragnar Benson, ISBN 0-87364-256-2. Paladin Press, PO Box 1307, Boulder, Co 80306.

-- David_Harvey@mercantilemutual.com.au (vk2dmh@rivernet.com.au), June 14, 1998.

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