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I recently discovered the Catholic Pages on the Internet, and read about the Catholic theology on birth control, namely that any form of birth control is a mortal sin, because it does not allow for the creation of new life. (With the exception being NFP, if only used when new life would be difficult for some good reason). When my husband and I were married 15 years ago, I am sure that we were told that the diaghragm, foam, condom, and other forms that did not involve killing of a fertilized egg were okay as a matter of personal decision (or something like that), but that NFP was the preferred means, and such birth control forms as IUD and the Pill were never okay. Is this completely wrong? I am finding out now that my husband and I have been disobedient. Unfortunately, I am now in my 40s and in a stage of mylife where I am becoming increasingly unpredictable as far as my monthly cycle is concerned. I know I should put myself in God's hands, but I am afraid about trying NFP at this point. I have had increasingly serious problems with my last two pregnancies (I have 3 children) and am worried about having another child. Will I be committing a mortal sin to continue to use a diaphragm (which I have used for 15 years)?

-- Anonymous, June 10, 1998


Response to birth control


I think you already know the answer to your question. I also think that trying NFP at this point would introduce you to a whole new Patty. You'll be in my prayers.

John Lowell

-- Anonymous, June 11, 1998

Response to birth control

Hi Patty,

Not an easy question. First of all Yes Chemical Birth control does or can kill new life after conception. (Abortion) Barrier methods frustrate the creative power of God. Both methods of ARTIFICIAL birth control are against Church teaching. You should read Humanae Vitae it's not long or complicated instead of relying on someones opinion about it's contents and teachings.

-- Anonymous, June 11, 1998

Response to birth control

Patty- May I ask forgiveness for whoever misinformed you concerning birth control. No artificial birth control is not okay. Unfortunately many Catholics, including priests, choose to disregard this part of the faith. However the truthis clearly stated in Humana Vitae and in the Catholic Catechism amoung other Church documents. If you were lead to believe that this was okay than you are not fully culpable. However I would strongly encourage you to start NFP. It is 98% effective, even without regular periods. I have a lot of information on the topic, if you would like I can send you some. In Him and His Mother - AMy

-- Anonymous, June 18, 1998

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