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I am a single female in south Texas (Corpus Christi) preparing for Y2K. Few people around me are concerned about this potential collapse, and I am seeking a partner(s) with whom to pool resources, provide mutual support, determine the best survival plan, relocation site, etc. (I do not think Texas will be a very safe haven in the future, as it is supposed to be under water according to Gordon Michael Scallion). I have more financial resources than practical know-how, so a good match would be someone who has a lot of technical survival expertise, and I can chip in on material goods that need to be purchased. There are probably a lot of other singles out there who will be buying the same survival goods I am buying (like Baygen/ham radios, other non-electric things, tools, firearms, etc., etc.). If we could find each other, there would be no need to duplicate these purchases, and that money could be used to buy other useful things like barter items. Please e-mail me and let's get our heads together! If you have ICQ, we can chat (9423302) (Backup e-mail address: See you soon!

-- Carol Pennington (, June 10, 1998


Hi Carol Unlike Josh, I share your concern of what may be coming, keep planning, and preparing.

this is an unprecedented situation, one in which we cannot afford to guess wrong.

Good luck


-- Rod (, June 17, 1998.

Forget about it. There is no Y2K collapse coming. Print this out and read it in December of 2000.

This is the best free advice you can get

-- josh (, June 17, 1998.

Forget about Y2K collapse Forget about Y2K collapse Forget about it. There is no Y2K collapse

Thanks for your Y2K view, and for expressing your opinion on the matter. Where are you getting your information? I'll post it at

With peace


-- Oregon Coast News Signal (, June 20, 1998.

Carol, go to newsgroup Misc.survivalism and ask your question there there are quite a few posters from Texas


-- Walt (, June 17, 1998.

Just ignore that wise acre, Carol. His opinion may be valid but he lacks wisdom, concern, courtesy, and the ability to keep it to himself! There are always a few like him lurking in the shadows, so watch for him...he could answer your ad using another pseudo name!

-- Arcy Williams (, June 17, 1998.

No offense was intended. My source for this is very simple. I have a two year diploma in computer programming in Cobol , Pl/1 and Assembler and basic systems analysis. There is a problem but it need not be an Apocalypse. We just need to deal with it rationally without a survivalist attitude.

Sorry if I offended anyone. That was not my inten in any way , shape or form.

Good luck in your vision and your future endeavours.

-- josh (, June 20, 1998.

I share your concerns about Y2K and other potential problems. I am in the North Central Texas area and, along with a few friends, have been trying to prepare for the upcoming catastrophies. I would like to compare notes with you on the subject. According to the "prophet" you referenced, this area of Texas is to be a safe area. At least the post "earth changes" maps I have seen indicate. There are still several areas of survival that I have not been able to cover, but I am working on it. Would like to arrange for wind generator, solar panels, water purification, (live on a lake, so water is not a problem) and numerous other areas which still need to be covered. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. Jim Reeve.

-- Jim Reeve (, August 09, 1998.

Carol, just to interject a few facts for you to mull over. In regards to Josh's input. A two year degree doesn't mean spit when it comes to a complete understanding of any subject. I happen to have a B.S. degree in Computer Science as well as a couple other unrelated degrees. In addition, I have had over 14 years experience in the computer industry, which currently I am a Network Systems Engineer as well as program design and coding. I have learned one thing in all the years I have been in the computer field, a computer will do the most unexpected thing at the most inopportune time. The fact that there are control I.C.s which depend on accurate date/time data to implement certain processes is without dispute. Second these control I.C.s are in more electronics than you can imagine; everything from control circuits in power plants to heart monitors, respirators and other medical equipment, to desktop devices. To flatly take the approach that there is no Y2K problem is to be either blind or ignorant. Now the question is,"Just how serious is it going to be?" No will know for sure until Jan 1, 2000. We may find ourselves in a position of just being inconvenienced, to a situation where we will have to do without a lot of commodities for a week, months to possibly a year depending on where you live. The problems may be compounded by fear and reactions to the approching date change as likely not. One other question, "If there is not a problem concerning the interconnection of computing systems, as well as their computations based upon date and time stamping; why is the government looking at spending over 4 Billion dollars to fix it?" Making preperatons against possible disasters, natural or man made, is prudent and nothing less than insurance. How much insurance you want depends upon the individual. Remember, you can't buy fire insurance after your house burns down. And the owning of fire insurance does not indicate that you want your house to burn just to collect on the insurance. The best bet is to be insured and hope you never have to file a claim. If you need information or assistance in getting information on Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) I will share what I know. I have been a HAM for many years and am willing to share the informtion I have with you or anyone else. Amateur Radio will let you communicate on a global basis, or just local depending on what your needs are. Take care.

-- DRAGONBREATH (, September 03, 1998.

Hi, my name is Greg and I have a great deal of technical knowledge. I was raised as the Army brat of a West Point grad. and was taught a lot about defending oneself in preparing me to follow in the footsteps and continue the family "business". I had a motorcycle accident when I was 17 and was not fit for military service. I am currently a Systems Programmer for a Fed. agency (no, we aren't going to make it either) and have land and resources. Please see my post labelled "Y2k home in Leesburg, Va.", or contact me at


-- Greg Schmeelk (, September 25, 1998.

Josh was right! Hah, Hah! Apocolypse not here, but insanity still reigns supreme.

Convert your plowshares into stockshares! -peace to you each in your own way, Cow Man

-- Cow Man (, July 01, 2000.

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