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Welcome to all who come to this place. This site is dedicated to those who wish to meet others with mutual Y2K concerns. Primarily it's a place where you can offer a place to live, pool resources, plan a community, and meet someone with similar interests.

-- Rod (rod_harmon@usa.net), June 09, 1998


Welcome to Northwest Arkasas. Carroll coounty has a nice variety-- Erueka Springs, Berryville, and green forest, all along US hgy 62-- with several interesting roads leading south for reasonal locatios, and several county roads leading north directly to southern Missouri. Harrison in Boone county is a county seat, and Fayetteville, west is our university town. This is where the Walton Family hangs out-- Bentonville, and of course, the tysons in Springdale. Gary north is here and there are a lot os county newspapers for your reading to get the flavor of these areas.

Honestly, these areas have taken so many of us Yankees, that there is not a whole lot of native here-- as a proof of this, none of these areasare likely to have voted for the guy in the white House.

My website is at http://www.singleshq.com/nel-vic/forsale Coffee pot is always on. carry on. Muriel Schmidt


-- Muriel Schmidt (muriels@nwark.com), June 17, 1998.

FREE Plans, Projects and Info!

FREE Plans, Projects and Info!

I believe that all info that could save lives should be easily available, I also believe that credit should be given where credit is due. That is what I have done. It is nearly impossible to search the net and find useful information, so I created a one stop resource for projects, plans and info that we can all use to help us become self reliant. By going to this site people can spend their time preparing instead of searching. There are many construction projects like Water Distillers, Handpumps, Stoves, Solar Projects and so forth. There is also information on Food Storage, Water Purification, Canning, Dehydrating Food and much more. All the info on this site is free.

The How-To Survival Library



-- Steve (Steve@y2klibrary.com), February 15, 1999.

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