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I'm wondering where I can find information about the times Mary has appeared throughout the last two millenium. Are there books I can read, videos I can watch, web pages I can find, people I can talk to?

Being of a scientific turn of mind, I'd really appreciate sources which include some verifiable, factual data where it exists. Even something just as basic as who saw her and who didn't. By the way, I love books so if you can recommend a good book, that would be perfect!

Hoping I'm making sense and looking forward to your reponses!


-- Anonymous, June 09, 1998


Response to Appearances of Our Lady

Hi Esther, two years ago a certain Professor Bartholomew spoke at the Alexis First Nations Eucharistic and Marian Conference here in Edmonton. I do not recall the name of his book but I do know the Queen of Peace Center located on the southside does carry audio tapes of the talks. He gave the most extensive background I have ever heard . There is also a video I believe titled ' Apparitions of the Twentieth Century' which is also available at the Centre. This however doesn't give the details to the Historical significance of each apparition. I do suggest you seek out something by the professor.Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 1998

Response to Appearances of Our Lady


You can check a few web sites,, a few places to find books are the 101 Foundation, the Riehle Foundation. I have read over 75 books myself on the subject and seen many videos. I will e-mail you tomorrow with some book titles. To get to a list of current Marian Apparitions that have taken place this century go to

Until tomorrow.



-- Anonymous, June 22, 1998

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