Worst-case Scenarios

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Looks like there's gonna be lots of fear, anger and confusion. Leaders will be in desperate short supply. Those who have the foresight to prepare for this will have to lead the people into working, building and sharing together for mutual survival. We've been taught to claw at each other long enough. Look where it has gotten us. We should be marching into the 21st Century triumphantly; instead we are looking to this Millennial Crossing with fear and apprehension, moving backward, not forward... "The wisdom of man is folly unto the sight of God..."

-- CCross (InnerDivinity@webtv.net), June 08, 1998


And the point of this post is?

-- rod (rod_harmon@usa.net), June 08, 1998.

Dear,.... dear, I do hope people are not put off by (well meant) religious ramblings. This, I believe, is a forum for a technology problem and its consequences. Could religious feelings be flagged and ring-fenced.

I am a spiritual person (non denominational) but there is really a time and place....

-- Patrick Coghill (patrick.coghill@virgin.net), June 09, 1998.

If worst case does materialize I'll be ready to set up these businesses (helping my family to get through and providing needed services): Olive oil business- these trees grow all over my town and in the hills. They don't require water to produce. Olive oil for eating and light production 330-857-5757 for oil lamp kit. I'll be set up for canning salmon for sale or trade, and possibly also in the laundry business (cheaper james washer at 800-442-1972)

-- skipper clark (skipper@cncnet.com), June 09, 1998.


Must you refer to the mere reference to God in one's speech as "religious rantings". Of course, you patronizingly suggested these could be "well meant". Things are really, really ugly. This could be TEOTWAWKI? Who knows? Ed has set up this forum for all people, not simply those of us who are technologists. I personally find it offensive that thinking people of faith should be addressed with such opposition, discourtesy, and bias when they *dare* to mention God. The U.S Presidents, as long as I can remember, *always* invoke the name of God in State of the Union speeches. Do you patronizingly write to them and address their State of the Union speech "religious rantings"?

God is not yet unconstitutional. I pray you seek Him in the difficult times I fear we'll meet ahead.

Best Regards,

Chuck Boyce

-- Chuck Boyce (sg95m476@post.drexel.edu), June 15, 1998.

For those who have an Rv and want insurance against a worse case scenario take a look at site www.y2krefuge.com. It isn't any shangra la but we can survive there. cbrown

-- c brown (BEARMTN@worldnet.att.net), June 15, 1998.

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