Have you read Tipper and Al's letters?

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I just read the letters received my Mr. Yourdon from the Gores and am UNDERWHELMED. When will people begin to see that politicians have nothing valuable to contribute to the growth and devilopment of humans living in the US or on Planet Earth. Politicians are just that...beings who learn to spin doctor, and write legal documents that eat up money, time and talent. Y2K is all about putting all one's eggs in one basket...not thinking. People don't need governments to exist...governments need people to exist.

-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), June 08, 1998


actually, I suspect that those are form letters that already existed, or were tweaked by interns.

not uncommon.

BTW I called the White House switchboard (look up in yellowpages) and transferred to the "comments section" where I told them what I though :)


-- Ken (k150@yahoo.com), June 09, 1998.

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