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HI! I do not completely understand the impact of Y2K. I do understand that banks can be disrupted, and credit bureaus, and the IRS. However, I do not understand how electricity and oil can be affected. Just because oil pumps have embedded chips does not mean the pumps will not work. They can set the clocks back to 1990's until the situation is fixed. The same for electricity. I am sure that the chips in the pumps get there date info from the central computer, just set the clocks back.

Electric companys have this central processing plant to divert electricity to houses, and these automated systems handle all grid diversions etc.. Once again setting the clock back will at least stop the so called economic collapse. It can work.

I believe that all of this is a hoax. However, a terror perceived or real is just as effective to the stock market.

All of this is mentioned in "The Protocols Of the Learned Elders Of Zion". I am not an Anti-Semite. I am a born again Christian who happens to be a man of color. However, the Protocols call for a planned economic collapse to usher in a new economic system world wide,and then a world government. Nafta is done and Gatt, and probably MAI; and mark my words that this will shift the way the world does business. Additionally, watch out all of you with stock; according to the Protocols they plan on doing away with the Money Market.

Whoever wrote the protocols sure know our economic system today, and where we are headed whether Jew or Gentile. The Protocols have not been proven false by a court of law, or hard evidnce, just people who do not like what it says, and because many white supremacist groups use it for their hate agenda.

I suggest that if you haven't read it do so, just to be informed.

As for my Jewish friends do not get mad at me, for I support Israel. This is just for information sake. Think of it as a reporter looking at information. Do not take it personal.

-- King Wells Jr (, June 08, 1998


If the potential problems with the embedded systems, etc. is a hoax, why did Idaho Power include a statement with its monthly billlings cautioning that it might not be able to guarantee the delivery of electricity because of 2yk?

-- Idahoan (, June 08, 1998.

Dear King Wells,

Welcome to Y2K of the many stages you'll go through on your way to Y2K enlightenment.

I had lunch the other day with the head of Y2K for our local electric utility. With him was a Y2K programming analyst. We talked for two hours about all the nitty little details of Y2K that deal with electrical power. They both agree that the grid is a problem. So does the head of power for Ontario Hydro. (So does the head of power for Ontario Hydro. So does the head of power for Washington, D.C., etc. etc.) Nuclear is a big problem. It's not nearly as neat and tidy as you describe it above.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the truth; just keep reading. And when you've read a few hundred articles, then get back to us with another post. We'll walk through this with you. :)

-- Pastor Chris (, June 09, 1998.

While citing the "Protocols of Zion" is a sure way to be declared politically-incorrect (or a "nut" by the better mass-media customers), I think the question is a good one.

As long as utility companies (and railroads) are willing to de-couple their physical infrastructure from thier billing-system, TEOTWAWKI need not occur. Granted this would be hard for any money-making enterprise to swallow, but most folks would take an econonmic collapse over TEOTWAWKI "any day of the week". Surely, the clocks can be turned back on most machines, even though the accountants will "not be too happy".

I think the critical issue is human. If people panic, it will get ugly. If the World-Government types decide to take advantage of the situation, it will get even uglier.

-- Phil (, June 09, 1998.

Dear Mr. Wells,

You said that you "do not fully understand the Y2K problem", and I believe you. The fact is, no one else who is posting information on this site (myself included) does either. I applaud you for having the courage to say that you don't understand it, and I caution you to read every post on this site with great skepticism. Most of the posts you'll find are by ordinary people who are quite fearful of the extraordinary events they perceive to be likely in the future. Being fearful, they are either searching for leadership which will "show them the way" or they are willing to advise others on which way to go; the "blind leading the blind" as it were. In either case, I believe that it is unwise to accept the advice of fearful people without careful consideration, and I belive that it is dangerous to become part of a group of people whose beliefs and motivations are not clear.

David Auslander

-- David Auslander (, June 09, 1998.

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a notorious fake, produced by the Russian secret police during tsarist times to help justify the periodic pogroms agains Russian Jews. The Y2K problem is real. Looks to me like you've been sucked in by a fraud, while refusing to acknowledge the evidence of a very real problem. You need to take better control of your life.

/Nick Chase

-- Nick Chase (, June 09, 1998.

Citing "The Protocols Of the Learned Elders Of Zion" is like getting your view of reality from Donald Duck cartoons -- both contain an equal amount of truth. In fact, between the two I'd go with the duck. The Protocols are a notorious anti-Jewish propaganda tract created from whole cloth to justify the pogroms and other discrimination. As for y2k being a hoax, I suggest you do a little more reading about the topic before passing judgment.

-- J.D. Clark (, June 14, 1998.

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