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Islam, I retyped the whole Circle Seven and translated it to Spanish, German, and French. I will email it (English first) to anyone who will HTML it and post it on the WWW. Also, I have 13 Moorish Guides from the 1920's and I am working on transcibing them also. Any leads on early Moorish Orthodox Lit such as the Moorish Sports Club or Walid al-Taha's Hundred Seeds of Beirut will be rewarded with a reprint of one of the old Guides. I recently visited the Bektashi Tekke in Detroit (for the 30th or so time) and went to Sheikh Dauod's Center and the Polish Tatar Mosque in New York. I have pictures and articles that I've written about my visits which I'll post to this group within the next several weeks. I wish the amount of talk on Nationality, Islam, and our place in America would increase on this newsgroup. I realize Moorish Orthodoxy is part fun and part Science but the Science should show a little more often. Hey, I'm a Bektashi Muhibb besides being a Moorish American, I like a good laugh as much as the next guy. But as Prophet Noble Drew Ali warned us, "The European keeps his oil lamp wick burnt low [due to studying] and so should we." Peace, Muhammed Abdullah Ahari El (Moorish American and Bektashi Muhibb)

-- Muhammed Ahari El (, June 08, 1998


re:circle 7


dear Muhammed, i would be honered to help w/ your project i have some little html experience; i made a web page for a little project i've been involved in for a few years check it out at i am on the caravan of summer currently not to return to my home and computer till the end of summer but there may be some way for me to work while im on the road i'm trying to settle in port townsend washington for the summer and perform around the area its highly lickly that i may get some reliable computer access there e-mail me we can talk more also check out the moorish documents on the aigh page linked from mine looking forward to hearing from you ishq

-- omar ibn lahab (, June 17, 1998.

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