Mississippi Short Lines - B&HS, FC&G, G&SI, C&G/CAGY , MCRR, etc.

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Would like to correspond via e-mail w/anyone with an interest in railroads in Mississippi.

Current particular focus is researching and modeling C&G using ex-B&HS equipment as well as B&HS, and FC&G proper.

Thanks much!

- Bill

-- Bill Jacobs (jake8588@concentric.net), June 07, 1998


One summer, '65 or '66, my uncle took my brother and I (14 and 12, at the time) to Hattiesburg to see the BH&S steamers run. I have two pictures taken from moving car panning the engine but car and train were synched up enough to make them good shots.

-- Steven H. Johnson (sj124723@ncr.com), December 06, 2000.

Will be happy to correspond will anyone interested in MS shortlines - current or historical.

-- Art Richardson (artrich999@aol.com), July 05, 1998.

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