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I recently downloaded the episode, "Night" from the Disorganized Space website a few days ago. However, I am using a Mac with Quicktime 3.0 Pro, and I still get the white screen problems.

Could the person that originally digitized the movie see if it can be reformatted for the Mac? I, along with other Mac AF fans, are dying to see this video.

If there are any Mac users out there that have gotten "Night" to play correctly, PLEASE email me, and tell me how you did it. Thank you!

-- steven h. osugi (, June 06, 1998


Hmm, I don't know much about Quicktime ( I prefer avi and Mpeg formats) Did you try getting the indeo codec? The avi WILL NOT work on ANY platform unless you have the codec(I'm not sure if an Indeo 5 Codec is available for Mac.) Converting Night to .mov format will be pretty much impossible, because I no longer have the original avi (uncompressed avi's are HUGE, often 200+ megs) and converting the existing compressed avi would probably not work, and even if it did, I would be huge (You can only compress avi's so far, further compression will actually make them bigger.) Besides, I do not have a Quicktime compressor. There should be at least one avi player for Mac SOMEWHERE.

-- ChaosKnight (, June 07, 1998.

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