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I used to consider myself a model Catholic. I was a lector, Eucharistic Minister and singer for Sunday Mass. Now I am seriously examining myself after picking up the Bible (I finally decided to read it cover to cover). I feel now that I have never made a true confession, and it's about time that I did. It's been three years since I last went to confession (ironically, the same length of time I have been married). I would like to follow "How to Make a Good Confession" by Pope St. Pius X. I have much to say, and I am afraid of leaving something out, or messing up the Act of Contrition, etc. Is it permissible for me to bring a sheet of paper into the confessional with me? Also, my husband is out of town and I do not know anyone around me who could babysit (very new to town). Could I possibly bring my 10-month-old with me as well?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

-- Anonymous, June 05, 1998


There are no rules against bringing a sheet of paper with you to confession. Sounds very reasonable and smart to tell you the truth, especially as you want this to be a very in depth sort of confession. Many parishes keep copies of the Act of Contrition in confessionals or reconcilation rooms.

As for your baby, why not ask your parish priest for a recomendation for a babysitter? Even if he doesn't know, I bet his secretary or someone else in the rectory offices might have a name for you. I'm sure you could bring the 10 month old baby with you but this might prove to be a big distraction from what should be a spiritual time for you. Again, ask the priest before you come. Actually, for what you want I would consider making an appointment for this Reconciliation . You just might end up more at ease and receptive if you do.

All in all, I commend you for wishing to make the most of this glorious sacrament of Reconciliation.

-- Anonymous, June 05, 1998

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