Looking for y2k conscious person in Carson City, NV; plus what happens when our energy supplies give out, which they eventually will?

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Is there anyone in Carson City, NV who is y2k conscious? My family thinks I'm being duped by doomsayers and that everything will work out without any problems. Also, I've looked into home energy possibilities and renewable energy doesn't seem feasible -- too expensive and it wouldn't suffice as a stand-alone system (solar and wind). So, what do we do when our supplies are gone? If the oil industry can't produce and the shippers can't ship, what will we do during the winter of 2000-20001? I'm not a money machine. I can't buy five years worth of supplies.Everything is sooooo expensive!!

-- Lona Ann White (lonawhite@earthlink.net), June 05, 1998


Hi Lona...I have a daughter in Dayton whom I'm TRYING to make Y2K conscious. Just beginning to get through to her...wish you knew each other and could talk about it. She's 26, married with 2 little girls, and is just beginning to catch on to some of this..I know how tough it is to be concerned and not know anyone close by that shares your concern.

-- Betty Brackett (bettyb@cpros.com), June 08, 1998.

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