If you had a 100,000.00 nest egg

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A friend of mine has a $100,000.00 house free and clear. He is 65 years old and all of his bills are paid off. He has a small farm out in the middle of nowhere and about 5 years of food storage. He has septic, well, solar and propane. He is totally self sufficent and is about as y2k proof as it gets. And hes not even trying. Thats just the way he is. I say Joey, Sell the house and put it into gold. Im printing these resposes in order to help the guy out. Please help Joey before the melt down.


-- Greg Wiatt (gwiatt@northlink.com), June 04, 1998


I think Joey should "keep the house." Sounds like he's doing alright! Why change things? Older people need stability as it is.


-- Ken (k150@yahoo.com), June 04, 1998.

Actually, I agree that Joey should keep the house. He could live on his self-sufficient farm and rent out the house to some goof who lost his triple mortgaged house. Post-Y2K rental properties might be a good deal safer than gold; carrying around a bunch of gold is probably a good way to get conked on the head or shot full of holes.

-- David Palm (djpalm@compuserve.com), June 04, 1998.

More power to Joey!! I'm pretty much in the same position....except don't have the solar and propane..yet. I too have wrestled with the "what to do's" Unlike a poster on one of the other topics, whose parents wouldn't listen, I as the 63 year old mother of grown children, am finding it difficult to convince the kids of the seriousness of Y2K. The decisions about what to do have been difficult..I've been widowed for two years and sure miss having my husband here to help with all of this, but oh well, I'm sure there are thousands in the same predicament. I do think it's wise though to keep the house, prepare as best I can, and at least know I did everything I could to prepare.

-- Betty Brackett (bettyb@cpros.com), June 08, 1998.

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