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Does anyone know of a page where I could get a list of quotes from important people regarding y2k, something that I could print out to speak for me? You see, the problem is my folks. I've tried to tell them about the problem, but they just smile and nod or say "well, don't worry so much". As their adult child I obviously don't have much credibility, but I think they would wake up if I could send them a list of quotes from people who they think are important (Gore, Clinton, Greenspan, a senator, Bill Gates, etc.) I know some of you are saying my folks have another underlying problem if these guys have credibility! They (parents) have their heads firmly entrenched in the sand. They also have a SHORT attention span and will hardly sit down long enough to read the US News article all of the way through, so I know they would never wander through North's material.

-- Kay P (Y2kay@usa.net), June 03, 1998


I suppose you could use any text from Ed Yardeni's netbook, the link is on my site. he has two pages of quotables.

you could also print out a couple pages of garynorth.com.

Even my reads-slow dad will read stuff. I make him. Maybe try an approach which touches something they care about. Do they invest? 401(k) or IRA? Hm, careful with that DOW and economic depression. Yardeni is Chief Economist for Deutch Bank Securities. I think he will probably go the longest way toward bringing your parents around.


http://www.y2knet.com will send you an audio tape, if they 'can't read'

Better yet, go to www.gao.gov and get report T-AIMD-98-63 in pdf format. It's awesome.

But on the whole, save yourself I guess. Your 'rents will likely get all panicky on 2000 (or maybe still in the sand). BTW I'm 19. and my dad says 'your job is to get an education'. uh huh.

best, ken

-- Ken (k150@yahoo.com), June 03, 1998.

I have a number of Y2K quotes I've scavenged which I print in each monthly issue of The Contrarian's View. Some of the people quoted are well known (though not necessarily identified as such). As for your parents: Some people won't become aware of a problem until it is hyped up the wazoo by the mainstream media (the epitome of herd instinct), and by then it is far too late to do anything about it. Make sure you plan for your parents in your own personal preparations, for the day they panic and tirn to you for help.

/Nick Chase

-- Nick Chase (nick15@eve.assumption.edu), June 04, 1998.

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