What are the main tools are used for ice climbing?

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What are the main tools used for ice climbing? I don't need major details just basic.

-- Amanda Michelle Farebrother (farebrog@cadvision.com), June 03, 1998


the basic tools are crampons that you attach to your boots, and ice-axes. on difficult climbs you whould use two of them, one in each hand, of the shorter variety with a special pick (often called ice-tools). add to that ice-screws that you place into the ice as fixed points, and you have pretty much all the gear which is specific to ice-climbing.

-- Quang-Tuan Luong (luong@ai.sri.com), June 09, 1998.

You also need a thermos (bottle) that holds hot tea, or chocolate

-- Simon van den Bergh (SimonvandenBergh@htomail.com), October 21, 1998.

The essentials of Ice Climbing:

1. Helmet - To protect your melon, noggen, brain basket, etc.

2. Strong Hands - To hold on like hell

3. Patience - C'mon, it's ice!!

-- Caw Erickson (caw@digisys.net), December 24, 1998.

Don't forget the rope!

-- Jim Davis (jmdavis384@aol.com), March 20, 2003.

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