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Attempting to explain the Tinity in a chat seesion I defined 'person' as a being with intelligence and will. I was asked "since there are three persons in God are there three wills in God?

I don't know?

Can you explain?




-- Anonymous, June 03, 1998



There is the will of God, what one person of the Trinity wills the others also will for they are one God.

What chat room are you in it sounds like one I would like to listen in on?

Rich Pohlman S.F.O.

-- Anonymous, June 05, 1998


In the context of the Holy Trinity, the notion of person is best explained as relation. The terms Father and Son, for example, are relational terms. It is impossible to use the term father without including by implication relationality to offspring. The notion of multi-personality within unity becomes clearer in this way.

John Lowell

-- Anonymous, June 08, 1998

I took interest in the comment that the term Father denotes relatonship and offspring.By the same rational offspring has to denote a mother. Where is there a father without a mother. It is strnge that the whole of Christendom misses this obvious point with the exeption of Catholics and us. A Mormon prospective. To borrow your terminology Im a sort of a "cradle" Mormon who was blessed with the opportunity of attending Catholic school.

May Gog Bless all; W.P.B.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 1998

OOPS I have made a miss spelling!! Where is that guy who used to smack us on the knucles with a ruler.

If any have miss information about us, we believe in Gof the Father and in Jesus Christ and In the Holy Ghost. Three persons in one God head.

Sorry about the mis spell.

May God bless all


-- Anonymous, June 14, 1998

William, as a Mormon you surely know that the Church of Jesus Christ - of Latter Day Saints DOES NOT believe in the Trinity. The Mormons believe in multiple gods. Hence, god the father is one (1) god, Jesus is another (2) god, the Holy Spirit is another (3) god, and every Mormon human can become a god.

Remember the Mormon teaching..... "what man is god was, and what god is man can become". This is utterly non-Christian.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 1998

Just some thoughts about the quote, "What man is, God was; What God is, man can become." I'm thinking this can be interpreted various ways and not being a Mormon, I have no clue what they mean by this. However, if *I* were faced with just that phrase all by itself, I would take the first part to be merely a reminder that God (as Jesus) was man and knew the joys and sorrows of human existance. So, we can't say that He doesn't understand or that His rules are unfair because He's lived by them Himself here on Earth.

Then, the second part means that all people must strive to be more like God, to follow His teachings, to follow in His footsteps, and through His grace, become the loving, caring, spiritual beings He wants us to be.

And congrats to anyone who could follow those run-on sentences!

-- Anonymous, June 30, 1998

Esther, I think your interpretation of the Mormon teaching is too kind to Mormonism. Mormons believe that God the Father was originally a human of flesh and blood. 'God is an exalted man.' Concerning Jesus Christ, they don't believe that he was begotten of the Holy Spirit but rather that the Virgin Mary became one of the wives of Adam, our God and Father. They continue to suggest that Jesus was a polygamist, for in the marriage at Cana he is claimed to be the bridegroom and married Mary, Martha and the other Mary.

Mormons sometimes try to convince Catholics and other Christians that they believe in a trinity-like GOD-HEAD made up of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit which are all 3 distinct Gods and all 3 distinct personages. In addition, according to the Mormons, there are other Gods. Any human being can become a god in the Mormon celestial heaven.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

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