700 Club-June 2, 1998

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How many of you saw the Y2K segment on the 6-2 edition of Pat Robertson's 700 Club? I tuned in after catching a promo for it last night, and it was something. I don't know how large his audience is, but if only a fraction of them believe what was said, awareness just increased exponentially. Those of you who haven't started preparing yet may have missed your opportunity to beat the rush.

-- Nabi Davidson (nabi7@yahoo.com), June 02, 1998



I agree. They did a good job!

Wow, if you've read any of Cory Hamasaki's DC Weather Reports, it's a shock to hear him speak in person. He really lent credence to that particular report.

The bottom line --- extensive utility and communications outages and shortages. But......it will still take 90 days for most people to realize what they're being told and to get up to speed. Better hurry, folks.

God bless. Rocky

-- Rocky Knolls (rknolls@hotmail.com), June 03, 1998.

While I'm Christian, most of the "gloom-n-doomers" seem to be "born-again" Christians already familiar with the book of revelations. I don't think anything on the 700 club will be taken seriously by many folks other than the "born-agains". I tend to be a bit of an odd bird. I *will* believe any source (including the 700 club) if I can confirm the story elsewhere - which I can - but in the case of Y2K, I am already a "believer".

Having ranted a bit, Y2K seems to be surfacing now. US News just did a big story on it. CSPAN2 just aired a BIG Y2K conference hosted by a national-security group I can't remember the name of. The Washington Post has had some "Houston - I think we have a problem" editorials very recently. Today's Washington Post has a big Y2K article saying 40% of critical Government systems might make it, as well as comments from others disputing this.

Here we go...

-- Phil (pperucci@mindspring.com), June 03, 1998.

My husband and I watched it...it was very good. They also put up a y2k website at www.cbn.org. I think most everyone that watched the show should be motivated to do some level of preparation and/or further research.

God Bless, Susan

-- Susan (jclont@mastnet.net), June 03, 1998.

I saw the show and thought it was really good. Before that I watched a 3 hour program on C-Span-2 featuring DeJager, Yardeni and others discussion Y2K. By the end of the week I will have a year supply of food in my house! Our techo-geek vice-president is ducking this issue for political reasons. He'll get his in the end! So will Clinton!

-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), June 03, 1998.

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