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I am wondering what it is like teaching to your peers, and knowing they are probably comparing your teaching style to theirs, as well as looking for ideas themselves. Do you feel nervous? Is it anything like the "real thing" (real kids...)?

-- Thomas Peacock (tpeacock@d.umn.edu), June 02, 1998



I guess I don't feel so nervous in front of my peers. I have been judging 4-H and school contests for years. I have had opportunities to give lessons/tutor/teach to younger students in the elementary, jr.-high and high schools. I know that teaching to my peers is an easier thing to do because they are having to have the same experiences. Kids on the other hand most likely will not have the opportunity to share in the "terror" they can put you through (unless you could somehow incorporate that into a classroom management practice. Wouldn't that be fun).

-- Brian Kinziger (baking@computerpro.com), June 12, 1998.

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