What do I need to say in Confession?

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I am a fairly new convert...I go to confession regularly, but I am never quite sure how to confess or exactly what to say. Should I just admit/confess to each sin by name/action only? Perhaps, I should give minor details of the actual time and action of the sin? Please, give me an example of a good confession, I want to do this correctly.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 1998


Response to What do I nee to say in Confession?

Hi Wen,

Don't worry too much God knows what is in your heart. I would like to ask did you come into the Church through RCIA? did they not spend any time on the Sacrament during the secessions? Generally speaking one should state the time since your last visit. Then talk to your confessor, If something is bothering you tell him about it. He should ask questions of you to get a clear picture of your understanding and circumstances. It is helpful if you state specifically what happened. don't just say "I took something" It should be more like " I saw this little $10 dohicky and didn't have enough money to buy it so I stuck it in my pocket" It also would help to say "I felt guilty the next day and took it back" That does not change the fact that you took it in the first place though. We should state the number of times the sin was committed. This happened once under these circumstances, or this happens every time I do this or everyday. Like everyday my boss tells me to lie about whether he is in the office. Once v/s a habit is important. Don't negelect anything that you know that you should confess, God already knows what you have or have not done. Trying to hide anything from God is a greater sin.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 1998

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