Looking for 3 color T1 LED modules

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I am thinking of using the 3mm (T1) LED modules for some of the signalling heads on the layout I am building. I have found these so far in a two-LED green over red arrangement, and in a 2x2 square module with 4 yellow LED's that I can use for dwarf position signals. But I have not yet found a 3 LED module with green over yellow over red. Does anyone know of a T1 LED module like this. (The closest I have come is a triple bicolor module, top is Y/G, middle and bottom are R/G.) Though these signals will not be scale, I want to use them for a compromise between scale and ease of assembly.

-- John Johnston (johnjohn@vicon.net), May 30, 1998



take a look at our Teton Short Line page on signals http://www.ida.net/biz/tetonsl/railroad/sgnlhome.htm

I put three tiny, but intense LEDs in an IHC 3 position head. The LEDS have a 1.65 mm round face on a 2.1 mm square base. Got 48 heads and they're beautiful.

-- Wayne Roderick (tetonsl@ida.net), June 21, 1998.

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