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Not exactly a beirut scenario is it?

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 30, 1998


I read the article. It didn't convince me not to prepare. Since the article didn't state that Y2k wouldn't be a problem, how do they know how bad it will be? They said it wouldn't be as big a problem as some experts think, but do they offer solid proof? Nope...

In fact when I try to find out information from local sources like utilities, etc. about Y2k all I get is non-answers, or no answers. Silence is a lie by omission.

At least the so called "scare mongers" seem to say they don't know exactly how bad it well be, just that people should be prepared.

Of course as this is just my opinion, and I hope I am wrong.

-- Frank Anderson, Jr. (Zanazaz@Earthlink.net), May 30, 1998.

The scare mongerers (North, Yourdon, etc) are implying that a VERY bad result has a reasonable chance of occuring.

Obviously, presenting the worst case scenario is the best case scenario for Mr. Yourdon's bank account (eg. sell more books).

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 30, 1998.

You are all going over "old ground" see: "Its like learning to play poker from strangers and "why does yardeni want my worthless money" I am the most sceptical of men. I also like to think that I am not among the densest. After very much study and thought on the issues, I have very much decided that y2k, like the desease: Beri Beri, is going to be Beri Beri Bad. The "nuts and bolts" of fixing it will be tedious and expensive but not miraculous by any means. It is simply that there is not enough time or people to do it in the space of time allowed. In the next 580 +/- days left, consider that one half will be used in: weekends, planning sessions, vacations, sick days etc. That leaves 290 days. I have not even started in the "embedded chips" yet. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that it will get done. I have not yet even brought in the global perspective. How can we exist without all of those funny looking people all over the world that buy our stuff and whose stuff we buy. I recently bought a new Dodge truck.(Buy America} Every component was made somewhere else and the kicker was it was assembled in Mexico. The SUPER KICKER was that Dodge sold out to Mercedes Benz. Did I "Buy America" so that Dodge could get a better price? I don't even know where I am going with this post except that, "Something Ain't Right" and once again we are going to pay for it. Maybe the Yardeni's, Norths and Yourdons are filling their pockets, which I no longer believe, but we are in for it regardless.

-- Bill Solorzano (notaclue@webtv.net), May 30, 1998.

My grandmother won't go to a doctor to save her life because she says they don't know as much as they pretend to and just try to take financial advantage of people who are worried about their health. In a sense, the same "fearmongering as a sales technique" outlook. I think the article by the JBS was interesting to read for balance, but they also tipped the scales heavily toward the "don't worry, be happy" side. They said a great many gov't and corporate agencies will need to upgrade their mainframes (like it was a small task). When mentioning embebdded chips they talked about such mundane appliances as irons, tvs, fax machines (which MAY have the majority of embedded chips). Yes, MOST situations of embedded chip failure will be simply annoying, but that doesn't negate the fact that a *FEW* critical chips that fail may cause catastrophic failures. Also, they stated that few companies are ignoring the y2k problem...Yes, that may be true IN THE US but even if they are working diligently on it doesn't mean they have the time or manpower to fully recode and test, and make it compatible with their vendors and other agencies. By the way, I don't have a book to sell, and I'm not responding to this concern because of a Millinium phobia...I could care less if it's 2000 or 2032, but since my computer will care I'd better look at this y2k thing seriously. I'd rather be told by my Dr. that I had 1 year to live but found out he was wrong and I had 20, that to have 1 year and be told I'd live forever.

-- Jenne (Jenne@yahoo.com), May 30, 1998.

"Maybe the Yardeni's, Norths and Yourdons are filling their pockets, which I no longer believe, but we are in for it regardless".

Not to defend the Yardeni's, Norths and Yourdons, but they have taken a great deal of their time to inform us as to the potential of Y2k. They did this at the expence of their other interests. I am not for buying books about Y2k, unless it is for your Jan 3, 2000 wood stove. And I agree with the above, it does look like, at least at this point, that "we are in for it".

Better to look forward to preparation than to look back at our failures.

-- Dave Jones (dfj@fea.net), May 30, 1998.

It would seem that you bought the John Birch line (complete with sinker and hook). I'd like to believe that we won't have a problem, too. However, I would also look at both sides of the question. For example, the SF Examiner article(s) was/were quoted several times. Not mentioned was an excellent rebuttal by John Catterall, an Australian power company engineer, who, speaking without the gags that have seeminly been imposed here, completely demolished any idea that power companies were afflicted with these embedded system, and showed that these did indeed handle dates and times, and that they were indeed subject to y2k failure. This data has been confirmed by others, as well, so this is a pretty much discredited writer.

In a post noted today in Gary North's articles, Royal Dutch Shell provided some insight into the number and location (under the ocean where they can't get at them) of the embedded systems in their oil rigs. And, so it goes. Everyone is finding embedded systems.

The JBS article omitted these. Why? No published 'not to worry' article they could quote. The John Birch article is nothing more than an interesting collection of 'they'll fix it' articles.

If you're really interested (and I doubt it) look up an article by John Jasper. A good technical article on these systems, it notes that in many cases the only solution is contingency planning: that is, determine which systems may fail, and then plan work-a-rounds for their failure. That's OK if your toaster may fail, not OK if it's in a SCADA that may cause an electrical utility to go off-line.

The JBS article notes that the FAA will be safe, for example, and ridicules "planes falling out of the sky." [Who's ever said they would?] The FAA website notes this, too, with the bottom line being the statement that they may have to reduce air traffic to accomplish this. No, planes won't fall out of the sky, because they won't fly in the first place, except at a much reduced rate that can be handled without the National Airspace system.

More than one newpaper article has also addressed an area of embedded systems the JBS article omitted in its rush to name every possible household appliance: medical electronics. Seems these things have a habit of failing, too, and this is causing rightful concern by doctors and nurses (not to mention their insurance companies.

There are various degrees of concern over what may occur. I seriously hope that the article is right and that you're able to spend a warm, well-fed January-March of 2000, with ample power, excellent medical facilities, and uninterrupted flight schedules to Cancun. On the other hand, I'll insure myself by excercising sensible provision.

-- Rocky Knolls (rknolls@hotmail.com), May 30, 1998.

Are people going to profit off the y2k problem? Of course. It is only a problem when people do so by deliberately deceiving people. My gut is that Yardeni, Yourdon, North, Dejager, Cowles, Lord, Westergaard, R. Martin, Congressman Horn, Kappleman, Gartner Group, Gaffney, Guernier, etc. etc. etc. are not part of a vast right wing conspiracy. Maybe one or two of these individuals could deceive the public, but not all of them. Collectively, they ring true.

Furthermore, nobody has to buy anybody's book or newsletter. There is enough info on their websites you don't need their books. And if the truth be told less than .05 percent know who Yourdon or North are. I doubt they are filling their pockets. Step back and look at who they are. Yardeni, Yourdon, North, Cowles are all experts in their respective fields. They are scholars, PhD's. I look at the author of the article you sited and wonder...who the heck is he? Why should I listen to him? Since I don't know him, I look for his facts. He has none. If everything is so easy to fix why isn't there one comopany or bank or agency declaring they are compliant? Why does congress issue a report card declaring that no agency except Social Security will by compliant by 2000? And one last point...Why doesn't he mention how far behind non U.S. countries are at this time, with no chance to make it?

rrr, you show low class and disrespect when you are in another's house. If you don't believe y2k is a problem then have the courage of your convictions and say adios. Maybe, just maybe y2k will not be the end of the world. SO what have I lost by preparing? But what if y2k is real bad?

It is sort of like a tornado warning or a hurricane warning. I hope it doesn't hit, but if it heads my way I want to ready, don't you?

-- Bob Brown (peace2u@bellatlantic.net), May 30, 1998.


-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), May 30, 1998.

As the grandson of a Jew, I hold suspect EVERYTHING stated by the John Birch Society. If ever there was a group that profited from fear, it JBS. Afterall, all those "Evil-Jew-Commie-World-Bankers" were taking over the world with their computers. Well now, what the hell happened? Maybe if the Jews really are not taking over the world, subscriptions may drop. Whose wanting to line pockets?

-- zerad (zerad@my-dejanews.com), May 30, 1998.

Anyone that has done a month's worth of reading on Y2K knows that this issue is big, it's bad, it's not going away, it won't be done in time, and the FAA won't be ready (GAO confirmed).

The IRS commissioner in testimony before Congress stated that he has real concerns that they won't be able to receive 1998 tax returns after Jan 1, 1999 and they won't be able to process refunds (GAO confirmed).

The USDA is in absolutely awful shape (GAO confirmed). (Just for fun read the latest report from the GAO dated May 14th I believe.)

The DOD is pretty much dead on arrival (GAO confirmed).

I just recently had lunch with a good friend who just happens to be in charge of the Y2K problem at our local electric utility. He expressed zero confidence in this problem being fixed within his industry due to an unexplained but very real lack of concern. Joining him was a progamming analyst who echoed his concerns. They both look for widespread brownouts. In areas dependent on nuclear they both expressed near certainly of potential grid failures. His comments on embedded chips was chilling.

Anyone who thinks this problem will just blow over is ill-informed or has their head in the silicone. But, for those who still don't get it, expand your horizons and look at the euro conversion that is presently going on at the same time as Y2K in Europe. They are calling this combined exercise in futility the dumbest thing man has ever devised. I just spoke to a friend in Berlin who is well connected politically and he is in a state of shock at the lack of interest in Y2K until just recently. He apparently was able to see the black forest for the trees.

You can educate yourself by tuning into http://www.lifetel.com/y2k2000.htm

-- Pastor Chris (chrisbr@ptinet.net), May 30, 1998.

"Anyone that has done a month's worth of reading on Y2K knows that this issue is big, it's bad, it's not going away, it won't be done in time, and the FAA won't be ready (GAO confirmed). The IRS commissioner in testimony before Congress stated that he has real concerns that they won't be able to receive 1998 tax returns after Jan 1, 1999 and they won't be able to process refunds (GAO confirmed).

The USDA is in absolutely awful shape (GAO confirmed). (Just for fun read the latest report from the GAO dated May 14th I believe.)

The DOD is pretty much dead on arrival (GAO confirmed)".

Chris, please give us the specific (GAO)Links when you make these statements. It will help give credibility to the Information.

NOTE: Not just the Site but a direct link to each statement or report.


-- Dave Jones (dfj@fea.net), May 31, 1998.

>Anyone that has done a month's worth of reading on Y2K knows that >this issue is big, it's bad, it's not going away, it won't be done in >time, and the FAA won't be ready (GAO confirmed).

http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?T-AIMD-98-63 http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?AIMD-98-45

>The IRS commissioner in testimony before Congress stated that he has >real concerns that they won't be able to receive 1998 tax returns >after Jan 1, 1999 and they won't be able to process refunds (GAO >confirmed).


>The USDA is in absolutely awful shape (GAO confirmed).


The DOD is pretty much dead on arrival (GAO confirmed)".


I'm too tired tonight to dig up congressional testimony links, but Gary has them on his site at www.garynorth.com

Next time I make a comment I'll post the applicable link. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to all! :)

-- Pastor Chris (chrisbr@ptinet.net), May 31, 1998.

There is a big difference between Y2K causing a major snafu (billing problems, scheduling, etc) and an apocolypse.

Yourdon predicted a similiar apocolypse with the American Programmer and he couldn't have been more wrong. He is simply exploiting and playing on people's fear in order to sell books.

I have to laugh when I see a bunch of survivalist topics on this website. God, is there not enough disaster scenarios present in the world today (US debt load, nuclear, natural, etc) that people routinely ignore but Y2K causes you to buy dehydrated food?

If we survive Y2K and enter the age of e-commerce I fully expect Ed will write another apocolypse is imminent because of the security failings of our new systems and how they are vulnerable to attack from cyber terrorists.

I guess we should just go back to pencil and paper.

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 31, 1998.

I never ntend to trust people who have addresses that don't exist. the rrr@ibm.com address is non-existant says my mail demon. The non-existant rrr should alos note that Ed Yourdon published the absolute entire book on the internet las July through September. I have a copy of it. If Ed was intetrested in money, the last thing he would have done is that. Gary North has plenty of opportunity to push his newsletter, but he's never ever done it. Sure, there are many many end of the world scenarios. This one isn't one of those unless the domino effect blows away the early warning electronics of some countries, and they believe a nuclear strike is in progress. Of course if the GPS system goes down in August 1999, and the powers that be in the armed forces haven't upgraded to deal with it, then they won't be able to use their sophisticated missle and planes etc since they all rely on very precise positioning ing the source. OH well. I hope the non-existant rrr is right. so do we all!! Glenna

-- glenna (kamoroff@hotmail.com), May 31, 1998.

Why do need my email address? Did you want to send me a flame mail?

So why isn't Yourdon's book still available for free?

Gary North is advertising indirectly. Are you really so naive to think he isn't profiting with his newsletter because of Y2K hysteria?

The article fairly criticizes the greedy consultant types (like Ed) who have turned the Y2K issue into a farce because of their extreme use of melodramatics (...resemble the streets of Beirut) for the purpose of self profit. Thus the REAL and SERIOUS problems of Y2K MAY have been somewhat ignored because of all the hucksterism and hype associated with it.

Was Ed using his influence to help mobolize a trained force of inexpensive American legacy Y2K professionals to fix the problem or was he too busy writing a book on how corporate America can replace their IT workers with cheap foreign labor?

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 31, 1998.

All I can say is ....time will tell. Reg would be the first one begging for food if Y2K is as bad as it COULD get. I have a feeling he has not read any of the newspaper and magazine articles from around the world. All you have to do is spend a few minutes reading to realize there could be major problems. Reg, why don't you call your phone company, electric company, bank, etc, and as them for a letter stating that there will be no interruptions of service. The federal government is so desperate that they are considering drafting programmers. See the above link I posted several messages ago. I received a letter stating that our mutual funds are not guaranteed. I also spoke with our IT director in the state where I live. He said there would be computer crashes and they would have to deal with them when they happened because they don't know where all the embedded chips are. Good luck buddy, you are going to need it!! By the way, I have never read Ed's book or received North's letter. I was tipped off by a friend who works in the medical profession.

-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), May 31, 1998.

There's a very good reason for publishing the book......it reaches more people.

Publishers object to authors giving the material away for nothing. This isn't the only book that's been given away until published, and then had to be withdrawn because of publisher demand.

Seem Reg simply objects to researching the subject and wants to use the forum to flame Ed Yourdan, and Gary North. In addition, he's defensive when challenged about lying about his email address. Reg, the rest of us have work to do to prepare. Please refrain from further drivel.

Have a good day.

-- Rocky Knolls (rknolls@hotmail.com), May 31, 1998.

Does Boeing guarantee the plane you fly aboard tomorrow is going to reach its destination safely? There are risks associated with everything we do.

I do not see a 0% unemployment rate in the programming sector. There are lots of programmers looking for work who are not picky about wages.

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 31, 1998.

These "Reg" types come and go on every forum. They shoot their mouths off and don't care to read and get the facts. Someone probably told him that Yourdon and North are con artists and he believed it without looking into what is really going on. If he is so convinced that Y2K is a myth, he would not be hanging around here. Reg, don't forget to call your bank, your electric company, your phone company, any investment companies you may deal with...etc. Do it first thing Monday morning. You'll feel better!

-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), May 31, 1998.


You are a fool. That is your choice. You will be a dead fool in 2000. Continue to disbelieve everyone, worldwide. Go back to sleep. In the face of literally mountains of evidence that staggeringly devastating events are going to strike critical systems world-wide simultaneously there are really only two choices one has. First, do nothing, Second, prepare. Let's see, if I do the second and am wrong, I am still alive. If I do the first and am wrong, I am dead. There is a Darwinian element to all this.

I don't really care what you think. Your opinion is utterly without value. Y2K will kill millions. Most of them will be starry eyed Pollyannas like you. I hope you are single with no kids, you moron.

-- Will Huett (willhuett@usa.net), May 31, 1998.

Well, see there you go demanding that Y2K problems will kill millions.

It can't possibly cause a mere recession -- it is a coming dark age!!!

Meanwhile, disease, hunger, environmental poisoning, and god knows what else thrives without the y2k kooks even noticing.

If the y2k problem will cause society to collapse why isn't Ed Yourdon in the trenches fixing the problem? Supposedly, he was a mainframe programmer once so you would think he would feel a little guilty. But I guess Ed doesn't feel saving society is worthy of him getting his hands dirty?

Yes, I fear a y2k disaster. Gary North is now a regular guest on the Art Bell radio show. Art Bell's weekly show is nothing but con artist guests peddling junk to the ignorant. An appropriate place for Mr. North's fatalism.

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), May 31, 1998.

Reg.... If Art Bell is such a kook, what are you doing listening? Are you going to call your bank tomorrow??? How about that electric company. Yadaaa Yadaaa Yadaaa! How about reporting back here with their answer. Get that letter in writing now. We don't want any loose ends! If we are all so dumb, what are you doing hanging around here? You are like a deer stuck in the headlights!

-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), May 31, 1998.

Maybe you kids could argue with each other is a different forum...you're a bit off the question that was posed.

Thanks. :)

-- Pastor Chris (chrisbr@ptinet.net), May 31, 1998.

I normally do not listen to Bell but made a rare exception for Gary North's rantings. If you want info on Art Bell, read this:


As for your hysteria over speculation of a programmer draft for cobol programmers, its just another one of the big myths of y2k.

There is no desperate need for lots more of experienced cobol programmers.

Perhaps that should be one clue to you that the y2k problem is vastly exaggerated.

PS - Already checked with my utility company and banks...no problemo!!!

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), June 01, 1998.

Lucky you Reg.

I checked with my bank, they said they JUST appointed an executive to look into it.

I checked with my utility and they said"....." Just about zip....we are working on it......

Of course, when I tracked down one of their computer techs and talked with him privatly I got a real horror story. Quote " Nobody around here knows how serious this is".

I am sure first hand accounts from those in the business will not mean much to you.

Have a nice life,


-- art welling (artw@lancnews.infi.net), June 01, 1998.

Yes, Good luck Reg.

-- Annie (anniegaff@mailexcite.com), June 01, 1998.

here is a link to all the congressional testimonies held last month by the oversight commitee.


-- cindy (fauna@mailcity.com), June 01, 1998.

Well, as many regular readers here know, I don't particularly believe in the "apocolypse" scenario either. Now, having said that, I would caution against anyone reading the JBS article and feeling that thtere is nothing to worry about.

As has been mentioned, there are a whole slew of embedded systems that are just flat inacessable, at least in any reasonable fashion. Also, there are prbably going to be systems that will fail unexpectedly because either no one tested them or the tests were inadequate. Some of these failures could be more than simply irritating.

Also, there are going to be systems out there where bugs will exits, they won't be fixed, and they will affect people's lives. Most of the effects will probably be inconvieniences, but some may not be.

Many people have quoted estimates on how many Y2K problems potentially exist and how we don't have resources to fix them all in time. Personally, I don't believe they all need to be fixed in time. In that I agree with the JBS article. (This may very well be the first time I have ever agreed with the John Birch Society.) Some of the bugs just don't really matter in the long run. The trick in the next 579 days will be to focus on the ones that do.

-- Paul Neuhardt (neuhardt@compuserve.com), June 01, 1998.

Dear Reg:

You need to read some of John Westergaard's reports at Y2Ktimebomb.com. He is Senator Moynihan's advisor on Y2K. I like reading him because he does not have the sort of desire for cataclysm that is present with Gary North. Gary North has accumulated a wealth of information, but is must all be viewed through the glasses of his inherent fatalism.

I liken this situation to the issuance of a tornado warning where I used to live in Southern Illinois. You know it is on the ground, it's intensity and that it is heading your way. Will it still be on the ground when it gets to you? Only God knows! This tornado is certainly still on the ground and heading our way. We don't yet know the severity. But the prudent man will watch and pray.

-- Rev. Stephen L. Bening (Gammadim@AOL.com), June 01, 1998.

To finish my last post:

But the prudent man will watch and pray.

-- Rev. Stephen L. Bening (Gammadim@AOL.com), June 01, 1998.

Checked out Rick Cowles site today and guess what?

Surprise, surprise, he has a book for sale!

Westergaard site is more consultant and promotional flim flam.

Can't anyone save society without first cashing in?

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), June 01, 1998.

Hey Reg, How was your world today?

Have you read Dr. North's reply to the JBS article yet? Don't you think it is time to hear his side of things?


-- Bob Brown (peace2u@bellatlantic.net), June 01, 1998.

Well I thought North's comment about Harry Browne was interesting. Browne is another radical who is a regular guest on Art Bell.

The main Y2K personalities have a well deserved image problem which has had the unfortunate side effect of many regarding the Y2K 'disaster' as credible as the $29.95 cancer cure offered by scam artists.

North does further damage to the Y2K credibility problem by appearing on Bell's show.

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), June 02, 1998.

How can anyone win this? It is a scenario where those who believe in it feel that it is too risky not to. 'What's the harm in preparing for months of down time... if I'm wrong, I'm wrong... if I'm right, I live.' Well, there is harm in your preparation, especially if it involves removing your money from banks and the stock market. Perhaps you'll help a recession arrive.

To those who support the disasterous possibilities of the Y2K bug, I give you these other doomsday scenarios: 1) The world population is growing too fast for existing resources and we'll all die in ensuing riots and wars 2) The ozone layer is depleting and we're going to do nothing about it while suffocating, overheating, freezing, and/or fighting over unaffected land so we'll all die 3) Methane gas released by grazing cows will overcome the atmosphere and we'll all die 4) An asteroid is out there somewhere that may one day hit earth because we are unprepared for it and we'll all die

I know, I know these are unlike the Y2K bug because we know EXACTLY when the Y2K bug will hit. But, why bother preparing yourself to survive because one of the other scenarios will kill you in the end.

Do you really think that the government, private companies, foreign countries will simply stand idly by as we are all killed by the Y2K problem? Do you really think we'll let overpopulation kill us? Do you think that once the ozone layer begins to threaten lives, the whole world will do nothing? If Y2K is identified in even one mission critical system private or public, that we'll shrug our shoulders and do nothing? Come on.

-- Scott Custer (scott@kcnewhomes.com), June 02, 1998.

Hey, Guys(and gals) Please stop the bandwidth replying to rrr. He or she is an email list buster. These are people whose sole interest in life is inciting people to opposite views. They generally have a credo that says: Don't confuse me with facts. Look at the posts they usually have an ax to grind(people who have money or make maoney by knowing things--information), and usually don't have more thana 10th grade education, though they'll never admit it. They provide email addresses that are fictitious so you cannot get into any rational discussion with them. And anyone who has a view that is out of the herd is considered to be evil and wrong. Let rrr go. He's not interested in discussion, She's interested in disruption. Anyone whose been on the net any length of time finds these disruptors from time to time. His style is different from one like Paul Milne over on csy2k newsgroup. Paul has definitive views, but will discuss and will respond to facts. RRR does none of these. Let him/her go. Ignore him/her Glenna

-- Glenna (kamoroff@hotmail.com), June 02, 1998.

Stop your paranoia over silly issues like email addresses. As for Milne, its obvious that he would be very disappointed if a global catastrophe didn't happen. Both he and North ridiculed Swirbul to no end when Swirbul reported cautious optimism in the utility sector

Here is some more gloom and doom:


-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), June 02, 1998.

Maybe the US News report should be more honestly labeled, "The Truth". Just a thought...>

-- Pastor Chris (chrisbr@ptinet.net), June 02, 1998.

Reg is typical. He is a clown. Ignore him. Not having ever communicated with me, he pretends to know my motives. He says that I would be disappointed if there was not a catastrophe. Take that as the childish comment that it is. And take him for the unruly child that he is.

Reg's type is old hat. They have no evidence, no substance. They merely argue for the sake of hearing their own voices. He is a troll and like all trolls, will go away if you merely ignore him. More than anything else a troll can not stand being ignored.

And no, Reg, I will not respond to your trolling. So troll away, completely ignored.

And when you folks get tired of trolls like Reg, c'mon over to CSY2K where the real action is.

Paul Milne

Paul Milne

-- Paul Milne (fedinfo@halifax.com), June 03, 1998.

Paul, you are the expert on childish comments.

Y2K newsgroup is littered with your namecalling posts.

Anbody who suggests that the Y2K outcome could be less than apocalyptic is instantly labeled a moron, maroon, idiot, etc. by you and your cronies.

-- Reg Smith (rrr@ibm.net), June 04, 1998.

Reg, your behavior is annoying. Please stop.

-- Ken (k150@yahoo.com), June 04, 1998.

People like Reg used to bug the heck out of me. He did generate about 40 posts in this forum and it's kind of fun watching him make a fool of himself. We have to have people like Reg in the world to appreciate the intelligent ones! Have a good one! :)

-- Annie (Anniegaff@mailexcite.com), June 05, 1998.

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