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Why is there such little response to the discussion questions? Whay are there not new questions presented? In private discussions with AMEs and non-AMEs it is obvious that many of us have concerns about many things and that we would like to express our opinions, but for some reason we are reluctant to express this openly. Why? Are we being repressed by something? May I suggest this one possibility: "If my ideas and opinions do not coincide with the party line, I am reluctant (afraid, too fearful) to express them." What do you think.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 1998


I think in general, writing is becoming an lost art. I agree, it is somewhat discouraging to see so few posts. I know many of you are stopping by to read, and I encourage you all to write your opinion, don't worry about conforming, grammar, and spelling, while they are important, don't let that stop you from saying what's on your heart. I'm sure Pastor John will happily fix any typos (for clarity sake) left. C'mon everybody, please get involved!

-- Anonymous, June 10, 1998

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