Episode 4: A Last Time For Everything

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This might be completely wrong and most likely is, but it just seems a little bit odd and possibly true dont know,. but well ok, Aeon after sleeping with trevor says that things have changed and they can never be the same etc, and she is really depressed and freaked. Before she had sex she was wearing WHITE, (colour of purity and virginity ie. vestal virgins wore white) and after she was wearing a red dress (the colour of sexual disire). And also while she is looking out the window u notice the clouds are also RED ?? and in no previous episode had we seen her 'with' a man ,. the closest was in the Episode 1 - Utopia or Deutoronopia? ,. while she is trying to pissoff trevor,. but nothing happens as she gets interupted,. I think think its too much to say that this is the episode that she loses her viginity in, but it could be,. and it is almost definatly her first time with trevor,. and the name a last time for everthing ?? ack o well,. i dont know,. it was just an idea,.

-- chris (stardust@pagans.org), May 30, 1998


If the dress did symbolize something, it's more likely that it meant Aeon was free of emotional attachment to trevor (kind of) and she was still sure of her mission-seducing him then dying to cause him emotional anguish. But in the red dress, when trevor asks if it is her job to "destroy him" she answers "i don't know anymore" at that piont he realizes she is the origional(how? i don't know) Also, i noticed something else. when she says "i don't know anymore" and trevor says your her, aren't you... her hair is blowing. Later her hair blows when she tells Scafandra "the last thing i want is another one of you" does this mean anything?

-- frostbie (foo@bar.com), June 03, 1998.

I think that Aeon's hair was billowing every time some element of truth came out which had been suppressed by lies. For instance, Aeon was tricking trevor into believeing that she was the clone, and when Trevor found out the truth, her hair was billowing. When Aeon tells Scafandra that she doesnt want a copy of her, her hair is billowing when the truth comes out about Aeon's resentment towards Scafandra as an ally. That's what I think, but it can always be disputed.

-- TGoodchild (JoeShmo808@aol.com), June 04, 1998.

In response to a previous comment, I find it doubtful that Aeon was a virgin before this, or that she hadn't been with Trevor before this episode... In fact, she had her first sexual encounter with him at the close of the Herodotus File, just a month after she first meets him (although this could be easily refuted considering that nothing stands permanent in the Flux universe). As for lack of overall virginity, she's always seemed the "naughty" type to me (what am I saying? She is the _paradigm_ of naughtiness). I couldn't imagine that she's saved herself that long :) Although, the speculation that she hadn't "had" Trevor before this episode would seem to make it feel more symbolic and "complete", somehow...

-- Mat Rebholz (mer5@dana.ucc.nau.edu), June 20, 1998.

Perhaps this was Aeon's first time having sex with Trevor for love, and not for pleasure, as in The Herodotus File. That would explain the white/red dress, with Aeon being pure to "making love" with Trevor, and afterwards having done so.

-- TGoodchild (JoeShmo808@aol.com), June 21, 1998.

I agree with that, since Chung said this was a true love story between the two. That's what makes sex with Trevor different this time. In the past, Aeon would hold back, not letting herself truly fall for Trevor (at least not consciously), but now that she has someone else around that can carry on her way of life, she has the time to become one of the people she could have become, or perhaps, always wanted to have become.

-- Mat Rebholz (mer5@dana.ucc.nau.edu), June 26, 1998.

I would agree that this episode is the only time that Aeon has safe with Trevor. In previous encounters (like the Herodotus File incident) Aeon had to be on guard against Trevor's scheming. But in this episode she has her clone as a 'backup' and can let herself go. The changes in the original Aeon indicate to me that she has never done this before - this is her first romantic encounter uncomplicated by ulterior motives.

Another thing I find very interesting in this episode is the obvious sexual attraction between the two clones. What is this, precisely? Incest? Masturbation? A fetish for the self? The first time I saw this episode I was certain that there was a sexual encounter in the sewer scene. While there is no direct evidence of it, I still think it's a possibility.

Finally, what's the deal with the dental work? Why does Aeon check her own teeth and the clone's? What does it signify? And why does Aeon believe this is the proof of perfection? Since kissing is the hardest sexual action explicit in the series, the mouth and the tongue are the characters' most significant sexual organs. (Aside from the mind, of course.) Could Aeon's tooth checking in the sewer and the final kiss on the border be linked? Thoughts, anyone?

-- Charles Martin (charmaine@dfn.com), June 27, 1998.

Everybody seems to find some sort of kinky significance in the tooth-checking thing but me. I allways assumed it was a way to check how accurate a copy Aeon2 was. That's why right after Aeon looks at Aeon2's teeth, Aeon2 says 'he did a good job'. And Aeon's relationship with her clone isn't excactly sexual, it's more like Narcicism (sp?)

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), June 27, 1998.

I think Aeon's relationship could even be maternal. You try to teach your kids not to make the same mistakes you did, but since this is an exact duplicate of Aeon, its automatically burdened with her own flaws and regrets.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), June 27, 1998.

If you noticed, in the lab, Fon was checking her teeth, too. Some women just have a fetish. Some woman have a hip fetish, stomach fetish, thigh fetish, etc. And I'm not talking about feet-licking fetishes like that. Maybe Fon's fetish is teeth, and in this way she sees that trevor made her clone well.

-- B.Perry (perry@mfi.net), November 01, 1998.

nope....I don't see the relationship between Aeon and the clone as maternal in the slightest..........it's not got that feel to it...if anything..it's a power relationship....at the start.....when the real aeon is strong......she is the one giving the orders.....she is the one in control........then afterwards.......after she has made love to Trevor(come on people......she didn't just have sex....she made loooovee)........Aeon was softer...no longer driven by her need to destroy him.......and when Aeon lost her purpose....the clone took over.......control....after all....that was always the clone's job.............to be AEON.......to take over where Aeon left off......the clone is Aeon........Aeon in charge......Aeon driven.......a single minded Aeon........not full of the soft feelings........remember....the cloning process is imperfect.....the sample taken is contaminated by the emotions and thoughts of the time........remember the guy at the start and his panty fear? *S*......but I think....that the Aeon at the end....the clone.....is much more in control......from the moment.......Aeon...the real one.........let's herself go....let's herself give in to the pleasure and love she is craving........then.....she loses her power........and the clone takes over.....at that point.....the real Aeon......takes on a weaker role......no longer capable of the same sort of scheming as earlier.......not only does she betray herself...by submitting to her desire.....she also betrays her other self........the clone...by not being seeming to be able to go through with the scheme.....

as for the kiss.......I think it's definately narcissistic......it's the Picture of Dorian Gray......(for those who've not read Oscar wilde)....in the Portrait of Dorian Gray.......Dorian projects all his age and sins into a portrait of himself....so that he can remain young and beautiful forever.......that's what happens here.......Aeon Projects her purpose....her nobler(?).......self.....into the clone.....and keeps all the softness in herself.......she can indulge then......cause as Trevor tells her...."nothing that happens between us matters".........the kiss between the two Aeon's is like a gift....."I bestow upon you......".....the passing of the flame so to speak.......they kiss when Aeon1 becomes Aeon2...and they kiss before Aeon1 is killed......so.....the kiss is like a rite of passage.....for the clone.....

I'm interested to know....what other's think.......about the way AEon is in the episodes preceding and the subsequent episodes of the show......I haven't seen all of them.......missed some of the shorts......but I think.....that Aeon in the later episodes...seems harsher slightly.....after all...now she's the clone.....

also....this I don't get...........if the Herodotus file precedes the series....if it's suppose to be pre AEon and trevor's first meeting...then why do they make that mention of an eyelash being found......not being of human source???? doesn't that imply that it's from the cloned AEon..not that original??


-- Marionetta (marionetta@Hotmail.com), December 03, 1998.

As for the teeth, something just came to me the last time I watched this episode. Maybe Aeon was looking for her tooth compartment (from "Gravity") to confirm that the process created exact duplicates?

-- Matthew Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), July 30, 2000.

In this episode (which is my favorite)Aeon does not seemed to be maternalcompletely. She is confident with her other enemies, but imagine who can be her greatest oponent? Obviously herself, and she decided to take care of her copy because of my explanation on "What is Aeon's age?" She was weak and the only way of finishing it was with a stonger and merciless Aeon. In relation to the sex thing,instead of true love I might say that it was an issue of losing power to seduce and failed to the demands on desire. How else can I explain loving so deeply your enemy in the same way you dislike him.

-- Frances Rivera (zoltar28@hotmail.com), November 30, 2000.

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