Hawaii? A place to move to? Moderate clime etc.

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Why NOT move to Hawaii? Shipping etc. will be a problem, yes...BUT...a decent climate, not to many people on outer islands...What am I missing? Comments welcome...

-- robert bowman (bobbowman@juno.com), May 29, 1998


<< Shipping etc. will be a problem, yes...BUT... What am I missing?>>

You're not missing anything. You can stop with that sentence. No ships = no food, no tools, no [fill in the blank]. I suspect that the mainland will get first dibs on anything that's in short supply and Alaska and Hawaii will get the leftovers.

-- David Palm (djpalm@compuserve.com), May 29, 1998.

No shipping, so what? If you're serious enough to move to Hawaii, I expect you're serious enough to lay up some nonhybrid seed, learn to fish, buy whatever equipment you need in advance, etc. I don't think you're missing anything.

-- Dennis Peterson (dennisp@bigfoot.com), June 03, 1998.

Check out Gary North website's Relocation Thread on Hawaii. If you have any in depth knowledge of the social situation in Hawaii, you will find Hawaii can be quite volatile towards Haoles which could become even more exacerbated by Y2K. It may not be a good place for any mainlander relocators, especially mainland Haoles.

-- Anon (anon@anon.com), June 04, 1998.

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