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I have a friend working in Yosemite for the summer. I am wondering how to get a hold of her. I know I can mail her general delivery at the post office but I was wodering if there was another way also. She's very cute and I'm sure some climbers have seen her and hit on her by now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Seth Lemke

-- Seth Lemke (, May 28, 1998


try calling 209-372-1001(lodge switchboard)or leave a message for her with housing 209-372-1451. i worked in yosemite from the summer of 96' until the flood that winter. when i try to contact friends in the park those are the numbers i use. goodluck and maybe i'll run into her later this summer for my annual trip to the sickest little valley in the world. rory leavell

-- rory leavell (, May 31, 1998.

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