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If I should need a shutter cleaned and adjusted (which I guess I do), where should I send it? (In other words, the real question is: Who should I trust to work on my LF shutters at a fair price for good work and a reasonable turnaround time?)


Denny Wilkins

-- Denny Wilkins (dwilkins@sbu.edu), May 28, 1998


Response to sick shutters?

I would recommend Steve Grimes at www.skgrimes.com/

He is very fair and creative in providing the photographer a solution to your problem.

Michael Kadillak

-- Michael Kadillak (kadillak@rmi.net), May 28, 1998.

Mel Pierce camera in Hollywood, CA is also excellent. Good quality work for working professional photogs is one of their normal services.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), June 03, 1998.

Ed Jones in Williamsburg Michigan takes care of all our cameras for our county weekly newspaper. He is one of the old time National Camera guys. Reasonable prices and competent work

-- Tony Brent (ajbrent@mich.com), September 11, 1998.

The professionals are just going to love me after this. I was given some used Graflex cameras, one rail and one Speed G, along with a assortment of lenses, by a friend of mine. The lenses had't been used in years. I removed the top plate on them, sprayed with WD-40, washed out with warm water and soap, degreased with a spray type gun cleaner solvent, repeated the process several times and very lightly lubed. Checked operation with a Calumet shutter tester and they all worked pretty good. With all due respect to the pros I wouldn't try this with new modern lenses.

-- Ed Dyer (eddyer@paonline.com), January 14, 1999.

Ditto: Steve Grimes. He is in New England. You can get his number from any copy of View Camera magazine.

-- Richard Warren (richardwarren@rcn.com), January 14, 1999.

Here's an even easier way to find Steve Grimes' phone number (and a lot of other information):


-- Greg Lawhon (glawhon@unicom.net), January 14, 1999.

Did you ever check the characteristics of WD 40?

If so you will find that WD 40 states that it leaves a lubricating film on whatever it is sprayed on.

This film, and therefore WD 40, should never get anywhere near shutter blade

-- bob salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), January 21, 1999.

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