20Mb 'Night' AVI available from Disrecognised Space!!!

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Not a question, just an alert.

Chaos Knight (that god among men) has uploaded a 20Mb AVI with sound, of the 'Night' episode from the second series.

Go get it now - But only if you sign his guestbook!!!


-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), May 27, 1998


No, really. No joke.

...unless you're from MTV, in which case ignore me, I'm a lunatic.

Flubble flubble flubble. %-)

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), May 27, 1998.

Well, I went to this location but could not find the AVI file.Perhaps this is a prank, or am I just missing the obviuos? Scratching my head...

-- Robert (rfbeck@deltanet.com), May 28, 1998.

Well, you didn't look very hard. :-(

Episodes - Season 2 - Episode 2 - Night

No problem there.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), May 28, 1998.

You're right. I didn't look hard enough. Thanks for posting it.

-- Robert Beck (rfbeck@deltanet.com), June 04, 1998.

AHH!!!! the link is broken, anyone else know where i can get night, or any other episodes. I have a few, and are sharing them on Kazaa, but not enough. P.S. have gravity, tide, war, talkie, leisure, a last time for everything.

-- James Russell (Evilben85@aol.com), January 09, 2002.

YAY FOR KAZAA! ty i think youre the person i been d/l in from

-- fello jiafra (aphex_19@hotmail.com), January 15, 2002.

I've got everything except for whats on tape 3. Can't find it anywhere! help! :S

-- MostlyHarmless (mostlyharmless@totalise.co.uk), December 22, 2002.

"the link is broken"

If I recall correctly, that link has been dead for several years.

-- Starscream (sstarscream@chaosknight.com), December 25, 2002.

Hahaha, I got it before the link went down. If you happen to use WinMX at all, I'm on there...


-- skye (skyknyt@aol.com), December 26, 2002.

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