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To fend off the Digital Winter and promote the Warm Room I have been rattling a few cages Down Under (in New Zealand) recently by getting hold of local community service providers and asking them about their Y2K status. Pleased to report: Insurance: knew about 10 years ago systems OK exposure no zero from claims but we are not sure about our building. A similar system in Auckland did a Y2K test by the clock forward strategy. The building proved compliant but failed when the clock were turned back. Petrolum companies distribution is fine from refinery to bulk tanks but trucks have chips for servicing systems not yet cleared for Y2K.

My plumber says he can show compliance and did in front of my eyes the simple Y2K series of tests. Dosen't have any embedded chips he can locate that affect his business, but he is worried about water supplies.

Anyone else getting yes answers to "the question"?

-- Bob Barbour (, May 27, 1998


A couple weeks ago, I sauntered over to the bank officer at my local Key Bank, here in Tacoma, WA. I asked him if the bank is compliant with Y2K. He looked rather startled and said, "Ah-h-h, well there's nothing to worry about." Her proceeded to state that Key Bank is one of the biggest in the U.S., and that they're working on it, and will be o.k. I asked if he'd read Ed Yourdon's book. He hadn't but in so many words replied that such scare tactics are going out and just making money for those who print them. I kept my calm, and told him the book contains many reprints from private and public reports. He then got up, walked over to a file cabinet and started to look for something. I continued relating some things from the book, and from other sources. He said he couldn't find the paper he was looking for to show me...whatever it was. I walked away stating I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, and wondering if he's unaware, in denial, or following executive orders to be non-commital. Obviously, Key Bank, however large, is non-compliant at this time! My next venture will be to make certain my Key Bank debit card replacement next year is not dated beyond 1999!

-- Holly Allen (, May 27, 1998.

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