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I need information on emergency medicine and on substitutions for various prescription medicines (blood pressure) which may not be available if the medical systems go down in Y2K

-- ML (, May 25, 1998


Check out the new medical links we just added

-- LSR Webmaster (, May 28, 1998.

Here is an interesting site, "Holistic Garden Supply" has medicinal herb plants for sale

-- Free life (, June 13, 1998.

Thanks for the holistic site info. I've also heard about something called Aerobic Oxygen, but not where you get it. Anybody know about this product?

-- ML (, June 17, 1998.

Try this
Home Health Net Bulk herbs, tinctures, colloidal minerals and more

-- Free Life (, June 18, 1998.

In response to the question about Aeorobic Oxygen, try this site

I've also heard that Aeorbic Oxygen can be used as a food preserver. I do know its most common use is as a water purifier

-- Freedom (, June 28, 1998.

Algy's Herb Pageherbal medicine, discussion board

-- ML (, July 22, 1998.

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