If you could be Pope...

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If (ignoring questions of whether you are male, and a priest!) you could be Pope, what one thing would you do? (Just one thing!)

This could be interesting!

God bless, Paul McLachlan Webmaster, The Catholic Pages

-- Anonymous, May 24, 1998


Allow women to be ordained as priests!

-- Anonymous, May 24, 1998

...I would create a new religious order to re-evangelize and properly teach Catholics in North America.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 1998

Investigate why Protestanst object to Marion doctirne so much and reach compromise.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 1998

This is funny but thought provoking. What one thing could I do if I were Pope. That is an interesting prospect as a Mormon Mission Leader!

I admire John Paul becuase of his stalwart stand against pressure to abandon scriptural morality and doctrine. The refusal to consider ordination of women or accept immoral involvements outside marriage is a stand firmly on what Christ established.

But what would I do if I were Pope and could do one thing?? I think Id make a trip to Salt Lake City and meet with President Gordon B Hinkley.

I enjoy the Catholic Pages.

May God Bless; W.P.B.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 1998

Mormon Mission Leader? Are you here to preach or be converted? :)

Hey, William, it's always cool to investigate other religions and we build tolerance for each other by reading, and educating ourselves and talking.... having grown up in Nevada, I've known lots of mormons and have had plenty of good natured debates, but don't you think talking about bringing the pope to Salt Lake so that he may be enlightened by your prophet is just a little condescending and creepy?

-- Anonymous, June 15, 1998


Reading William Birdsall's comment carefully, I can see no hint of his suggesting that as Pope, he would visit Gordon Hinckley "so that he may be enlightened." To the contrary, Mr. Birdsall in this and other comments seems to hold a quite favorable view of the Church. While we can hope that he is here to be converted, I suspect that how he is received here would have a lot to do with the realization of that hope. How do you think Jesus might respond to Mr. Birdsall, Dana?

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1998

Response to if you could be pope! With apologies to Mr. Birdsall

ok, john lowell, you got me...just having a bad day and a little more touchous than I shoulda been, but you're right, and I'm wrong...hey, if I were perfect, I wouldn't need Jesus so much! :) Sorry Mr. Birdsall, you can be the pope and bring yourself to Salt Lake if you want! :)

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1998

If I were the Pope, I would forgive Dana in person.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 1998

No one needs to make apologies. I am a member of the alumni association of Marmion Millitary Academy which is a Benidictine boys school. I hold the Catholic church in high regards as did Joseph Smith. In his writings he recorded a sermon which included remarks about the burning of a convent ans the scattering of its occupants to the four winds.He stated that the Catholic traditions are worth more than the whole lot (of protestants). For how can a branch break itself from the vine,implant itself in the earth and turn back to the mother vine and say you are corrupt and I am the true vine. If the mother vine were corrupt so would the branch be corrupt.It is always the apostate that rails against the mother church. If the autority of the priesthood(magesterium) exists today it was passed down from antiquity through the popes or it was devinely restored to earth in the last days. This is probably the wrong forum for these comments but I think it represents my sentimants and those of our founder. I enjoy the catholic pages, ewtn and the teaching shows I find there. Yours in Christ; W.P.B.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 1998

Response to If you could be Pope

You're way kewl, Birdsall! :)

-- Anonymous, June 21, 1998

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