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Email from: Ms. S. M Husain:

During the time of the prophet, when zakat was levied, there were NO OTHER taxs, in the present time we have income tax, wealth tax, property tax, and million of other taxes we have to pay. What is the status of zakat now with all these taxes? For example, when a person gets his salary, income tax and various other tax deductions are already made from it. When the salary is put into a bank account and its accomulates as a person starts to save for a rainy day or old age or illness, then zakat is also deducted from the saved the income has infact been taxed twice.... The calculation of zakat is extremely difficult and time consuming in todays fast moving world and the Government takes away a huge chunk in either we pay zakat or we pay all the government taxes. Otherwise it would tantamount to double taxation? Please can you through more light on this confusion?


1. Thank you for your prompt reply. I live in Pakistan and zakat is deducted compulsorily from savings accounts, deposit certificates etc.

If Government tax is on income and zakat is based on wealth, then why do we STILL have to pay 'wealth tax' 'property tax' and other non-income related taxes. In the presence of payment of these taxes, do i still need to pay tax. My wealth has been taxed by the Government by force so where does zakat fit in.

2. One more issue that needs clarification. the concept of 'qurbani' on the day of Eid-ul-fitar.....I believe, that qurbani is compulsory once in a lifetime when one goes to perform Haj and at that time qurbani must be done. I do not subscribe to sacrificing a goat/lamb/camel/etc EVERY year at the time of Eid-ul-fitar (one animal for every adult in the family?) This is what i believe and practice much to the disapproval of our family elders.... what is your opinion?

-- Ms. S. M Husain (, May 24, 1998


hi i want ask about zakat in pakistan and law zakat and report annuel about zakat in pakistan or ushr law ? tank you reza

-- reza (, January 04, 2000.


-- shabir (, March 21, 2001.

1. for me, Zakat should not be deducted by the Government compulsory from our salaries, as this issue is upto our own discetion. All muslims should pay zakat to deservings (persons, welfare/religious organizations, etc) in accordance with the prescribed islamic rules. 2. Qurbani should only be given of the animal to which you have grown- up by ourselves. When you grow-up any one by yourself, you will love'n'it; to sacrife that animal in the name of God is the true sense of Qurbani. It is not, buying it from bakra mandi in the night and get it slater,by someone i.e. qasai, the next morning (showing your amarat only).

-- ziaullah iqbal (, September 20, 2004.

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