12.5" Bellows and a Longer Lens

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I have a 4x5 Graphic View camera and I am interested in purchasing a 300mm Nikon M lens. My bellows draw to 12.5". If I acquire a 300mm lens and mount it to an extended lensboard, what additional length is needed for a decent focus range?

Laura Sonoma, CA

-- Laura Campbell (lcampbel@pacbell.net), May 23, 1998


You should have enough bellows draw to use the lens at infinity. I have a Wista SP which has 12 inches of draw and am able to use it as is. If you want to focus closer than infinity you will need extension rails and bellows. I don't know anything about the Graphic view cameras but I would imagine extension rails and bellows are available? And what is an extended lensboard?

-- Mark Windom (mwphoto@nwlink.com), May 24, 1998.

The cheapest way I know to make an extended lensboard is to use a soupcan or something similar. Otherwise, Jim Galvin in the Sacramento, CA., USA area can make one that looks better and is probably much more precise. This will help with your short bellows so you can get more close work out of it. Another help is the Nikkor 3T multi element close up lens in 52mm filter size. It works with the 300M nikkor just fine.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), May 24, 1998.

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