Looking for Descriptions of Panama Pacific International Exposition

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I am looking for descriptions of different exhibitions and experiences of the Panama Pacific International exposition, as well as descriptions of life in San Francisco in 1915. This exposition appears to have been a rebirth for the city, and I am very interested in getting a peek into not only what it looked like then, but what it felt like.

-- Eve Hill (Evenif@aol.com), May 23, 1998


Obviously, newspapers and magazines of the time would be a natural place to look. (I wouldn't limit it to SF newspapers, either.) You might also check out the California Information File, which should be available on microfiche at a major library near you. The CIF is a huge card catalog that was done years ago at the state library, by many individual people poring over magazines, newspapers, letters, diaries, etc. There's some interesting stuff that can turn up there.

-- dorothy (leland@dcn.davis.ca.us), May 23, 1998.

If you are interested in the actual guide for the exposition, I believe I saw a copy for sale at the Argonaut bookstore in San Francisco.

-- Ron Filion (rfilion@geocities.com), May 23, 1998.

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