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Every night our phone rings at 9:30 pm. It only rings one time, no one answers, and if we don't answer it stops after 1 ring. This has been going on for over 6 months. Anyone know what it is?

-- rory moore (, May 22, 1998


Answer to what it is: a bloody nuisance!

If you are feeling paranoid, attach a caller-ID recorder and a telephone answering machine set to answer-immediately (or use the phone company's "who just called" number if you have such a service). You'll then know who called, or that they are deliberately witholding that information. Keep a log for a few days.

After that (or immediately if you aren't paranoid) tell the phone company who should be able to sort it out for you. They can log any caller and/or put various sorts of blocks and operator intercepts on your line, and their code of practice should oblige them to help you.

My guess is that it's a bit of rogue automation. Various things such as vending machines and oil tanks are often equipped to request resupply automatically. You're probably on the receiving end of a misprogrammed one. Probably once you complain, someone somewhere will be very happy because the soda machine has finally got refilled! Alternatively it may be someone who dislikes you trying to annoy you. Least probably, it's a fault in the telephone company's equipment.

What it's got to do with Y2K, I can't imagine.

-- Nigel Arnot (, May 22, 1998.

YOU TO?????? haha had to say that


-- Ronald C Cash (, May 22, 1998.

probably just a glitch. if your phone was bugged, you would never know it.

-- ed (, August 21, 1998.

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