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Yesterday I go to my favorite shop with intention of purchasin a few miniatures. But just when I enter I feel something in the warp that makes disturbances. The shopkeeper was staring at my with panic in his eyes "They have do it" "They will change all" "What means this , Toni" I asked "GW has just send me a fax... They gona a rewrite all the rules of WH40.000" I cannot understand. but he was talking "All will be out of date" "You can take all your codex and trow it in the trash". Well, after a few hours of fury I was able to know what GW has said to my shokeeper: 1)A new edition of wh40.000 will be made 2)All the troops will be cheaper (so you need more for an army...) 3)The firepower will be low, son characters will be like in WFB... Can anybody confirm all this?

-- Mateo Vallori (, May 21, 1998


Actually, it is pretty much guaranteed that everything WILL change. Also, most everything will be in the boxed set, so, when the redo all the Codexes(which they ARE doing, believe it or not), they will be much smaller. More like the Assassins Codex. It's also rumored there will be multiple versions of the boxed set, like:

1) Just the rules. 2) Rules and Dark Eldar. 3) Rules and Marines. 4) Rules, Marines, and Dark Eldar.

Once again, PORTENT(mentioned above) is a very good source of information, as I've yet to see them be wrong. That scares me, though, because one of their rumors involves the Orks getting bagged, and that's something they just can't do...

Thank you all for visiting.

-BludRedd Kroeger

-- Jon W. "BludRedd" Kroeger (, September 05, 1998.

I have heard that the Tyroinds and Eldar are going to go bye-bye. I also understand that the psyhic phase is going to the Fantasy battles style, ie you can only cast powers on your turn, on opponets turn you can just dispel/nullify.

I personally hope they tone down the Space Pups or give the Ultra marines (and thus most of the clone chapters) a big boost, and I hope all the stuff from white dwarf is made "offical" ie: Chapter master/combat squads.

Dwayne Miller AKA Kathless, Master of the UltraWarriors.

-- Dwayne Miller (, June 03, 1998.

Calm down. Eldar and Tyranids are not leaving - They're too important. The Eldar are rumored to be in for a major overhaul. Here is the rumor about who is leaving. Eldrad is biting the dust. His last act will be to find some of the lost Maidenworlds and Craftworlds. Use your imagination to think of the changes. The words No Longer a Dying Race spring to mind. Also, look for a new psychic phase that will be kinder to armies with no psykers. However, they may not do this because some of the powers need to be cast on your opponents turn (there are still problems in Fantasy with this - the bugs are slowly being exterminated.). Also , Necrons and remotely, possibly, hopefully, just maybe, the squats will be back in business. All we can do right now is cross our fingers and hope that the GW guys know what they're doing. Have Faith!

-- Catalyst (, July 07, 1998.

the store i work at is gw approved. what we understand is that 40k is being rereleased. warp phase will be like fantasy. necrons are goign to be getting more stuff and new land raiders and rhinos are coming out. also white scars and imperial fists are coming out white scars as a codex while imperial fists a box set. all new plastic pieces are gonna be redone and that their probally adding a new race maybe dark eldar and dropping the squats. thats what i have heard and their making new plastic land speeders.

-- justin (, August 01, 1998.

I have been surfing for yonks now and I have finally found soneone with the same problem as me. I don't want to buy anythink at all for fear that in a mounth I might no be able to use it. I have a 9,000 point Ultramarine army and I want to find out what the hell gamesworkshop are doing . Ihave found loads of stuff on the new Dark Elder (which I have been able to print out a WHOLE coadx for)and some wird stuff about new space marine legions but can someone tell me if I will still be able to use my old space marins in the so called 'New Univers'. So please,oh please could someone get back to me with some news on these'Eternal Warriors,Lighting Fists,Draconians,Sons of Darkness,Sand dragons and Infinity Legion, and if anyone wants more info about Dark Elder you can get me anytime at david@devergroup.comp[

-- DAVID PIDSLEY (, August 01, 1998.

Ok. 3rd Edition is a guarantee for the first or second week of October. They have taken all the current boxes of minis off the shelves to re-configure them (the new squad rules are going to be more flexible). 3rd Ed. is to be based on the new EPIC 40K system for basic rules. In the box will be new modular marine plastics, including a plastic Land Speeder. Also, plastic modular DARK ELDAR. Guaranteed. Squats are history. GW thinks after a couple of years, we will forget about them and they can bag them. Psychics are to be only to help squads in HTH. Free-running psychic blasts and protective powers are to be history.

Go to PORTENT'S website for all the good info:

-- Jason Gustaves (, August 19, 1998.

What I think GW is gonna do is this: get more money from us. They are going to put more expensives prices, and less miniatures. They are a couple of greedy morons. Okay, so firepower will be low... that is crap. If I4d like heroes battles, I4d play Fantasy! I don4t only think close combat is boring, I also think that is irrealistic. Do you imagine US marines fighting with words an enemy squad? I don4t. I like big guns and big firepower. And that4s all.

-- L4ckar the githyanki (, September 02, 1998.

The new edition is a sure thing. They been working on it ever scince the last one came out. But i doubt EVERYTHING wil change just think how hard it is for them to put out a codex then think about re writing all of them over a daunting task which i doubt they will try to tackle

-- (, September 04, 1998.

I High Farseer of ALL decree that this monstocity willdo us down.Such EVIL,CHAOTIC,VILE macinations of such a beutiful masterpiece should be condemned.If i wanted a bigger army then i'd collect Epic.If I wanted a more skirmishy army you know what I'd collect.As a great eldar once said "If its not broke don't fix it".True to the very last letter.Oh,how I weep in sorrow, it's like losing a friend. I will not give up! WE must avenge the death of a great friend!! Buycot GW,in the name of all Gods. Bring back 40K (the real one)not one for greasy palmed suited scum in board rooms.Long live the old 40k, down with the new!!!!!!!!!!!! Eldaed Dyiedyan, The Broken

-- Eldaed Dyiedyan Farseer of Dyiedyan (, September 25, 1998.

Boycot not Buycot

-- (, September 25, 1998.

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