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Has anyone considered the impact of massive population movements from the cold northern regions of the US to the more temperate climate of the "Sun Belt" states? How long will the unprepared masses wait around for the lights to come on again? We have all seen documentary films of people leaving a city or region on foot if need be, to escape certain death if they remain. ITSHTF with enough force, there will be little control by the military or civil authorities, and FEMA, will be of no assistance. Can all of our preparedness stand up to the kind of pressure that such mass migration will exert?

-- Bill Solorzano (, May 21, 1998


If that scenario occurs, your best bet is to be _very_ remote and _very_ invisible. This is deep Survival nightmare stuff... Basically, you would have to lie low for months or longer, until the masses had thinned out through starvation and disease. If they can see anything that offers them a glimmer of hope (food, water, shelter, tools), they'll propably overrun all defenders to get it. God forbid, eh?

-- David Harvey (, May 21, 1998.

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