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Everyone and Anyone,

is it safe to be by a military base? I am in a small town setting (10,000), yet I am 7 miles away from the largest air force base in the world (Eglin AFB, NW FL). your ideas and comments would be appreciated!


-- Archer Tullidge III (, May 20, 1998


"Is it safe to be by a military base?"

In the past, the answer would be no! The Military Bases are prime targets for Foreign Missels. Although they still are, you may receive more support and civil control if the lights go out at Y2k.

-- Dave Jones (, May 20, 1998.

The primary mission of the people on that base is to protect the military assets there, not to secure the surrounding area. To the extent that there is an external threat to the base, they may go out and deal with it.

For instance, if some yahoo grabs a nuclear weapon, the standing orders are very simple. Line up the troops and take it back. No negotiations, no touchyfeely talk. Just take it back.

If things get really bad, you may see some military police doing work outside the base, but most likely they'll be National Guard, not Air Force Security Police.

Of course if things are really that bad, the military will be doing the same as the rest of us: making it up as we go along.

I grew up in the Air Force. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

-- BK (, May 20, 1998.

If it was me.............

I would carefully pay attention to the events as they unfold around us regarding computer and satellite malfunctions. If things start to look like they're going bad, I would get as far away from military and population bases, and nuclear plants as possible, and do my best to become "invisible" for an extended period of time. You may wish to obtain some weapons and ammo, just in case. Many groups on the web have indicated the existance of civilian concentration camps to be used for american citizens in the event of a national disaster, (which a worldwide computer crash would certainly qualify for). Military bases will be used as a large portion of these camps. Pay Eglin a visit and look for new construction of high barbed wire fences with large dormitory like buildings inside.

If you doubt this scenario run a search for "FEMA Detention Camps" or something similar. You may be surprised.

-- my 2 cents (, May 24, 1998.

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