Who can I talk to about my wife and I thinking of divorce?

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My wife and I got married in Orlando, Fl. 6 years ago at St. James Cathedral. We have been separated for about 5 months, and we are now to the point of divorce. We have no children. I am a very faithfull individual to god and my family! Who can I talk to for advice, explanations, etc.? I need help in this descition. I don't go to church very often anymore! I need help. thanks, manie

-- Anonymous, May 20, 1998



I'm very sorry that you have found yourself in this sad situation.

Ideally, the first person to speak to would be a good priest. You say you don't go to Mass much anymore. Is there a priest you know who could speak to about this, or do you have friends who could recommend a good priest to you?

Your diocese should also have Catholic counselling services readily available. Unfortunately, these can often have very little that's Catholic about them, and I've even heard of some that refuse to even consider that not divorcing is an option anymore.

If your marriage is sacramental, you should make every effort you can to save it. The alternative is that you will not be able to remarry until your wife dies.

These are difficult issues and you are heading for difficult times, not least of all because so much depends on how willing your wife is to cooperate.

Perhaps there is someone reading these messages who has gone through the same experience and can offer advice.

And pray, and try and start going to Mass again. Your burdens will be easier to bear if you give them to God to carry for you.

God bless,

Paul McLachlan Webmaster, The Catholic Pages

-- Anonymous, May 21, 1998

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