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I was a Catholic for seventeen years. I went to a Catholic grade and high school. During this period, I was never told the Catholic view on salvation. It wasn't until almost a year ago when I became a Christian that I learned what the Bible said on this matter. My question, therefore, is what is the Catholic Church's official view on salvation?

-- Anonymous, May 19, 1998


Dear Edward, I'm sorry you were catechised so poorly. Unfortunately, this has been the result of modernism and resorting to non-Catholic teachers. May I ask you, though, why did you not consider yourself a "Christian" when you say you "were Catholic?" And may I also ask, why did you not read the Bible when you "were Catholic?" I put these terms in quotes, Edward, because if you were baptised Catholic, you always were a Christian, and you will always be a Catholic, whether you have abandoned the Church or not. It sounds like you have turned away from the Church because you feel you were abandoned and not given the information, the "holy food", you needed to nourish your faith. I am profoundly sorry for that, and I wish you would give the Catholic Church another chance. Catechize yourself, if you have to, Edward, by studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Take your questions to a priest or teaching nun and get some reliable answers to your questions. I have a wonderful friend, a holy nun, who taught me, who is so generous of her spiritual gifts that she corresponds with literally hundreds of people on a regular basis. If you would like her address, please e-mail to me privately and I will give it to you. She would be glad to teach you by correspondance. I will add you to my prayers, Edward.

-- Anonymous, May 22, 1998

Dear Edward, I would encourage you to listen to the tapes or read the books written by Scott Hahn. Mr. Hahn was a devout Presbyterian minister and teacher who studied the Catholic Church in order to 'prove' the falseness of the Catholic teaching of 'salvation' and other doctrines.

Mr. Hahn is a brilliant theologian and eventually converted to the Catholic faith. He speaks and writes about 'salvation' extensively.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 1998

Edward, The Church has always taught that salvation is attained, by the Grace of God, through faith and works (and perseverance in both). This is founded in the bible in several areas, among them Rom 11:21-22. Also, read the second chapter of St. James' epistle and Gal 5:5-6. Now we must understand, it is only by God's grace that "our" works have any "merit". Man cannot add to or take away from God's glory or power, but we must choose to serve Him in order obtain His salvation. Forgive my poor analogy which follows; our works are like that of a puppy which may bring you, his master, a dead bird as a gift. That gift has no inherent value to you, but you would recognize the sacrifice the puppy made in giving that bird to you, rather than keeping it for itself, and reward it. Now think on how much more we are to God and how much more He loves us. How God's Grace plays in all this is that His Justice was satisfied (by the Inestimable Gift and Sacrifice made on the Cross), opening the way for his mercy to reward our faith and poor works with salvation if we persevere to the end (1 Cor 9:24-27 and Phil 2:12). I will keep you in my prayers, please do the same for me. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1998

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