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What is it:

This will be a 'once in a millennium document' (Actually more a LF photography Tome or Bible....A very prestigeous publication from the WFPA) It will be a cassette containing two books: # 1 >1000 pages containing 2000 photographs of active LF photographers who are keen to keep LF photography alive and show what can be done # 2 Addressbook and crossreference to their contribution, Sponsors and advertising on Large Format Photography.

Shortly before the millennium change you will get the request and the subjectmatter to take your image on Jan 1st 2000 Submit your image and oneliner on the millennium change or poem. These Images will be bundled in the above mentioned publication.

What will we have then:

A prestigeous document on the millennium change.... 2000 images with poem or oneliner taken on the first day in the year 2000 taken on large format, showing impressions from all over the world simultaneously taken by 2000 LF fine-art photographers.


The final publication will be available during the first half of the year 2000 and will receive attention all over the world. It will be the most important image document for a long time showing the photographic syntax at the start of the new millennium... We will follow up the publication through expositions at Photokina 2000 etc Get your image and name in here....

How to join : First of all become a member of the "WFPA" See what it is all about

What will it cost???? There are no more free luncheons these days anymore... but Contribution is free no cash...but you have to submit: 2 photographs, 8x10", unmounted and glossy Your caption and name on self adhesive label on the back.. #1 Selfportrait with your camera (You and your camera) #2 One of your images you're proud of...

Send to: "WFPA" P.O.Box 376 3700 AJ, Zeist the NETHERLANDS (Home of the WFPA)

Fill out: After receiving these you will be notified and get your unique WFPA number. >From then on you are a full fledged member and benefit from our upcoming actions and newsletter

This is your chance to support the "WFPA" and get your sunmission in our millennium document...It will take another 1000 years to be part in somethimg alike....

Regards, John D. de Vries (pres WFPA)

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-- John D. de Vries (, May 19, 1998


The project sounds interesting. Just one problem, it is one year too early. The year 2000 is the last year of the old Mellineum. The year 2001 is the beginning of the new one.

-- Dan Smith (, May 21, 1998.

Perhaps it's just nine-hundred and ninety-nine years late for the start of the last one...

-- Alan Gibson (, May 22, 1998.

Regardless of what year is concerned, this sounds like another chance for someone to make money off of our work for free. Sounds like the new millennium is going to be a lot like the old millennium.

-- Marv Thompson (, May 23, 1998.

Regarding the Millennium: there are two (2) versions: 1. The 'Celebration' Millennium happens on January 1, 2000. 2. The 'Academic' Millennium happens on January 1, 2001.

But I don't think a year early is too soon to ask for entries in a Millennium photo-documentation. Gives us more time to plan, right?

-- Rod Lamkey (, August 10, 1998.

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